Here’s the thing about happiness – it comes in all shapes and sizes. Agreed, a bad case of Monday blues or the ineptitude of one of your co-workers can do some damage. But a little something I like to call life has taught me to snap on my headphones, put on some cheery tunes and dance it off (in my head, if I’m at work). Then there are the dark days when this usual hack just doesn’t seem to work and no amount of Prozac (or complex carbs) can save the day. Enter a knight in shining armour – Sir Retail Therapy. On one such particularly dark day, when even the strongest of anti-depressants couldn’t ward off the gloom, I decided to mix retail therapy with happy tunes. What ensued was a burst of endorphins and sartorial satisfaction. I’ll make the task easier for you, though. Here’s my list of top five happy songs and what to shop from them. Bookmark, for future reference.

Pharell, Happy

Yes, you saw this coming but riddle me this – is there a better dressed singer in the industry than Pharell? Is there? He can rock a hat like no other and you know why? It’s because he keeps the rest of his wardrobe classic. Tailored white shirts should be every man’s uniform. #JustSaying

Justin Timberlake, Can't Stop The Feeling!

Some people are calling this the 'Happy' of 2016. I resent that comparison. Having said that, JT's charming serenade has us cooing all over him like it's 2002. And boy does he make white denim-on-denim work for him.

Walk The Moon, Shut Up & Dance

This retro psychedelic cesspit of unabashed happiness takes some time to get accustomed to but when you've been dragged into it you'll wish you were reliving the good ol' days of MTV. And all those outfits! I want it all! #WardrobeGoals

Wham!, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Before Pharell’s suave GQ-man demeanour became trendy, there was George Michael’s flair. In retrospect, 80s fashion raises a few eyebrows (those hi-rise shorts should be left to pin-up models and Beyoncé) but my boy George here makes a good case for slogan tees and hi-top sneakers. Take cues, gentlemen.

Ready to Go, Republica

Now kids, many of you might not have heard of this British pop punk band but Samatha “Saffron” Sprackling has been a style icon to any 90s’ girl worth her salt. She made cut-out cool before you neo-millennials caught on to it and no one quite rocks platform sneakers like she does—except maybe Gigi Hadid.  

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