Now that summer is almost here, most brands are launching their new collections, and we want to get our hands on them. We got a peek at what to expect at a recent style event, where fashion bloggers from Delhi sashayed down the ramp in clothes by NUON by Westside. From style tips to fashion must-haves, they had a lot to say. Below are edited excerpts: I wore a below-the-knee denim skirt – it’s my favourite kind of length – and I paired with a cold-shoulder white top and sneakers. It has a very ’90s vibe which I absolutely love! My style is very dichotomous – it’s a mix of classic, modern, masculine and feminine. Style to me is all about expressing yourself, it’s the best form of speaking for yourself without actually talking, it expresses my mood. If I had to pick one item of clothing I love, it would have to be a smart blazer, as it’s versatile enough to pair with everything in your wardrobe. Formal or informal, it comes handy. I don’t take trends too seriously. I usually like to pick out one odd trend and then try to blend it in my wardrobe and play around with it. If I had to choose amongst the many trends, I really like wearing a statement belt on top of a blazer. I’ve been seeing it on the runways and I really like it. Style to me is all about being myself and being confident in my own skin. On the ramp, I wore a denim skirt with a mustard top that channels that girl-next-door vibe. I love pairing my hoop earrings with everything now, so I wore them with my evening outfit too. Besides that, metallic sneakers were my footwear pick. I love classic styles, which is why no matter what the season is, I can’t live without my mom jeans. This season, I’m loving the mustard trend and can’t wait to get my hands on mustard shoes and T-shirts. Style is all about looking good while experimenting with new trends, and since you’re asking me to describe my style, I’d say it’s as a mix of classic and on trend dressing. That’s why I’ve chosen to wear a black vest with polka dots, and I’m layering it with a half-sleeve tropical printed shirt paired with ripped jeans. I’m styling it with my watch and black slip-on shoes. Loafers with tassels are going to be everywhere this season, and I’m going to be wearing them everywhere. But I’d never leave my house without my watch. I wore a beautiful yellow dress on the ramp, and I paired it with a denim jacket and a pair of really cute shoes. I would love to style it with big golden hoop earrings and a few rings. However, earrings are my go-to pick this year. Last year was all about statement necklaces. I’m a classic style kinda girl, and style, to me, is all about comfort. If you asked me what I can’t do without, it’s my high-waisted pants.; but if I had to pick one Spring/Summer 2018 trend that I love, it would have to be the midi skirt trend. Even though it comes and goes with each passing season, it has always been my favourite pick. I love pairing it with a crop top. Style is all about being comfortable and carrying yourself the way you want. That said, I’m a classic style guy – I love my Tom Ford jackets and sporty watches. On the ramp, I went for a funky casual look – I wore a pair of grey jeans and with a black hoodie and styled it with my watch and a bracelet. What I love about this year’s trends are the rugged jeans – I’m going to be seen wearing them every now and then. I wore a pair of classic denims on the ramp, and paired it with an white off-shoulder top. It’s my favourite combination for the season. It’s a chill and basic outfit, yet so edgy. I kept my look minimal and just played around with my hair and make-up to balance it out. I’d describe my style as classic, and style to me is something that gives me happiness and a sense of feeling good in whatever I choose to wear. If I had to pick one piece from my wardrobe that I cannot live without, it would be a mini skirt. For the season ahead, I’m really looking forward to the striped and flared trend. If you give it to me in a combination, I will definitely buy it and pair it with my all-time favourite accessory –my statement dangler earrings.

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