In a move that was as unprecedented as Drake's new album, Pantone deviated from the erstwhile tradition of announcing one colour for the year by—hold your horses—announcing two. What’s more? The colours of 2016 are what you’d see at a baby shower—a powder blue and a mushy pale pink. But once you get over the fact that your all-black-everything wardrobe is left redundant and get on the Pantone website to understand why (why, pray tell, Pantone) would they introduce such a concept, stop and look at how they portray it. The two colours blend seamlessly, in harmony like a Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj track. The colours of 2016 are not either Rose Quartz or Serenity, it is the conjunction of the two. It is a move so politically forward that will convince even Morticia Addams to give these pastels a shot. While the colours traditionally signify genders—blue for boy, pink for girls—the convergence of the two is, in fact, indicative of gender neutrality.
Rose Quartz is an evergreen color which transitions very easily from day to evening wear for both Indian and Western silhouettes. Serenity is a fairly underrated color which can be experimented with. We've used it generously for our Resort 2015. - Sailex Ngairangbam, Designer
Model: Alicia (TFM), Photographer: Dwaiyapan Mazumdar, Make Up & Hair: Kalpesh Lad, Styling: Shirin Salwan

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