If you're planning to buy yourself your first expensive watch or if you want a new addition to your collection and don't know where to start, getting to know all about the features and functionality of a certain watch can go a long way.
Being well informed about a particular style will help you get your hands on the perfect watch. To help you out, we've rounded up the best watch styles that you can add to your growing collection. Check them out here:

The Analog Watch

                                                                               Shop here: For Him & For Her The analog watch features a minimal display with an hour and minute hand and a dial with 12 hour markers. Some of them also have a second hand. A few analog watches also feature roman numerals that makes for a smart pick for your formal watch collection.

The Automatic Watch

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The automatic watch features a mechanical movement and operates through motion on the wearer's wrist rather than constantly winding the watch manually.  The energy is stored in the rotor, which spins when you move your hand. This stored energy powers the watch and helps keep the watch running. However, if the watch isn't worn for a few days, it will have to be manually wound to start working.

The Chronograph Watch

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The chronograph watch has a built in stop watch feature that helps you time a certain event. It's perfect if you would like to time a lap or race. It's easy to use and comes in a variety of designs that you can add to your casual wardrobe.

The Digital Watch

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The digital watch shows the time indicated in digits as compared to hands on a dial. It pairs well with your sporty outfits or athleisure looks.

The Dress Watch

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The dress watch is all about simplicity. It is one of the most elegant watches in a collection. It is sleek and features a minimal design that pairs well with a formal outfit and is not meant to be paired with your casual wardrobe.

The Unisex Watch

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Not just meant for one gender, the unisex watch can be worn by anyone. They're available in unique designs, colours and movements. It pairs well with your smart casual looks and having a watch that you can share with your sibling or partner can sometimes be fun!

The Smart Watch

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A smart watch is a portable device that features a touch screen and works similarly like a smartphone. It supports apps, tracks your fitness activities and sleep, records your heart rate and notifies you as well. As technology advances, the smart watch is getting smarter too. Image Courtesy: shutterstock.com