Like this article? Also read: Parekh & Singh: On Music and Travel Our country has some of the greatest mythological tales, but some of these stories are quite hard to access for most people. Fortunately, it turns out that the rest of the world is just as intrigued by our tales as we are, and they’ve harness the power of the internet to declare their love for Indian mythology. The Spirits Podcast is a drunken, bi-weekly exploration of world mythology, legends and lore, which covers a wide range of cultures. We stumbled upon this episode featuring the indomitable goddess, Kali, and thought it was just too good to not be shared. It’s fascinating hearing about a familiar character like Kali from the point of view of people who haven’t grown up surrounded by the culture and mythology that the goddess sprang up from. For instance, did you know that Kali's dark skin is a result of the metamorphosis that occurred when goddess Parvati dived down lord Shiva's throat to absorb some poison that was stuck within? Or that Kali defeated the greatest demon ever to have existed by lopping off his head and drinking every drop of his blood to ensure he couldn't regenerate? And maybe it's the effect of the mimosas they've claimed to have had before taping the podcast, but listening to the hosts digress into listing all the Transformers and slipping in Harry Potter references – all while gushing over how fierce Kali is, of course – is absolutely hilarious and a nice change of pace from the otherwise grim and gory tale of the goddess. If you’re the sort of person who loved the American Gods novel and TV show, or if you’re just a mythology buff who'd like to learn something new, you’re going to love this podcast. Like this article? Also read: TV Shows You Have to Watch on Your Smart TV Cover image courtesy: