Ahoy, me Hearties! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail the seven seas as a swashbuckling buckaneer, always on a quest for hidden bounty and having legendary adventures in distant lands? A lot of us grew up with that dream, mainly because of the memorable pirates of recently years who crept into our lives and showed us that having a wooden peg for a leg may not be the worst thing after all! Many of the more vicious pirates from the past would have scoffed at how books, TV shows and movies would go on to portray their kind in modern times. However, this helped pirates get a much-needed makeover to become the iconic characters that they are today. Today, on the occasion of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we thought it’d be the right time to revisit the pirates from our past.  

Captain Hook

03 captain hook pirate day Captain Hook: Toilet paper advocate.

Peter Pan may have been the magic boy who never grew up, but it was his adversary – the aptly-named Captain Hook – who would eventually linger in the minds of young cinemagoer. His frightening appearance and constantly threatening presence were the stuff of our nightmares growing up, which is why so many of us found comfort in the sound of the loud ticking clock in our bedrooms. Tick-tock, tick-tock!  

Captain Jack Sparrow

04 captain jack sparrow pirate day "That's right, I was only 'acting' in 3 scenes. The rest was all Depp being Depp."

Right from his majestic introduction in the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film, we knew that there was just something special about this roguish-looking character. And how right we were! The world’s most charming pirate drunkenly stumbled his way into our hearts and is probably the cause for rum’s massive popularity amongst millennials today, but he’ll always be remembered for making pirates cool all over again. No wonder then that so many people think of Captain Jack Sparrow as soon as Johnny Depp is mentioned – no mean feat for the actor with a hundred faces!  

Captain Claw

01 captain claw pirate day Not your average cuddly kitty.

If you grew up in the early 2000s then you have almost certainly played this absolutely gem of a computer game without ever actually buying it. Perhaps you borrowed the floppy from a friend, or it just somehow miraculously appeared on your computer – whatever the means of your acquiring it, it’s safe to say that long hours were spent jumping from platform to platform as everyone’s favourite feline felon fought off hordes of villainous dogs in his quest for the Amulet of Nine Lives #mpkfa  

Pop Up Pirate

02 Popuppirate pirate day This is why you shouldn't turn to a life of crime on the high seas.

Not everyone’s played this board game, but those who have will surely remember just how much fun it was to punish the silly pirate by sticking the plastic swords into the barrel to see which one would make him spring up. Many a lazy Sunday afternoon was spent betting against one another to see who would be the last person to launch the pirate into orbit. It’s a good thing we weren’t told back then how vicious real pirates actually were, or we’d think twice about poking one with a sword!  


05 the pirate bay pirate day Making us an accomplice to crime in the new milleniun.

The original Pirate Bae. You didn’t think we weren’t going to include the internet’s most popular pirate, did you? So many of us took our first steps towards the criminal life when we downloaded our first illegal file via this website. TPB may be on its last legs now – what with law enforcement the world over cracking down hard on copyright violations, and threat of legal action forcing other big torrent sites to shut shop either voluntarily or through force – but it was once the one-stop-shop of the internet. Thankfully, we’ve all grown older and more law-abiding since so we use it only for peer-to-peer legal file sharing. You all got that memo, right?


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