Amid all the hype and controversy, #Rio2016 is finally trending and—wait—did we just hear the collective sound of adrenaline rush? If you are a fitness fiend, you probably don't need any impetus to get your kick and Olympics are just an added incentive. But for those slackers who turn to Pokèmon GO as an excuse to clock steps on our fitness bands, the Olympics serve as somewhat of an intervention – it's time to revisit our fitness goals. When motivation runs thin and momentum is waning, I find a wardrobe upgrade always helps. So get out of that worn T-shirt you've been wearing to a jog around the block (which might or might not be a part of your night suit #NoJudgements) and invest in building your workout wear wardrobe. This is where to start—

Style First

Style matters I know what you're thinking, who cares? Why bother dressing up for a run or the gym? It's not like anyone is watching or bothers. But stop for a moment to think why the have mirrors in practically every gym or dance studio. When you watch yourself workout you stay motivated enough to push your limits and get past your plateau. So dress up for yourself. If you're the kind to invest in a power suit for work, shouldn't you also be investing in a power tracksuit?

Fabric + Fit = Fitness

Fabric Fit Sweating it out is easier said than done and hey, BO is a legit deterrent. Spend some time browsing for the right kind of workout gear. Sure you don't want to shell out a bomb but cheap polyester will retain odor and you will be self-conscious. Think of it this way - when you are investing in good workout-wear—made from quality spandex and breathable fabric—what you're really investing in is your health and fitness goals.

Support Counts

Support You can only push yourself if your outfit lets you. Elasticity and flexibility are not just goals for you, they're also for your track pants and leggings. And ladies, I cannot stress upon the need for a quality sports bra son you can train better and harder. Look for seamless pieces and hi-tech fabrics when you're out shopping. Find more sportswear here.

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