There is seldom a better companion to childhood than the hills. Covered by mist and mystique; the Khasi hills in the North Eastern state of Meghalaya will give even the worker drones among us reasons to fall in a creative pit. It was probably growing up in these hills that made Anurag Banerjee pick up the camera. He will however tell you that his affair with photography is all but incidental. Admitted in one of the best media colleges in the country, his dad gifted him a DSLR to help his son cope with the listed curriculum. What started out as an assumption soon turned into an undying tale of passion.  A tale that he lives every day.
Also Read: How To Take Nat Geo-Worthy Pics On Your Next Safari After completing his graduation from Pune, his move to Mumbai was all but inevitable. And he did just that. It's been three years in Mumbai since and he still hasn't had enough of the city. One of his most famous photo series #loveinbombay offers an insight into the driving force behind his work. People caught up in a momentary lapse of caution to express the pure yet forbidden emotion of love. To him there is nothing more to photography than capturing these raw emotions.
When he isn't shooting on his iPhone, he uses his Nikon D300s with a 35 mm lens. The iPhone offers him the ease to capture things on the go, while the Nikon empowers him in his more professional pursuits. Sitting through innumerable train journeys and walking miles through the city, Anurag has just one goal. To capture the daily struggles of the ordinary, in order to help him wade through his own.

Took a boat ride that brought me to the end of the world. #Kerala

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