We always suspected that it was tough on the Congress to be knocked off the seat of power after a decade at the helm. But we never quite understood how badly they were taking it until we saw their latest Congress poster doing the rounds in Uttar Pradesh. Before you laugh, or cringe, or laugh-and-cringe, we’d like to say: consider the party’s plight and think of this [the poster, the attempt at humour] as one of those questionable post-bad break-up decisions. Things can get a little desperate, sometimes. Especially when the relationship is 60 years old and rocky. A day after UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi announced their alliance in Lucknow, this hilarious poster started popping up in Allahabad:  

01 congress sholay poster

No, you’re not hallucinating – this is, indeed, the iconic image from Sholay which has been crudely photoshopped to celebrate the political partnership. Does it surprise anyone that RaGa has been cast in the role of Jai – his plunging shirt showcasing his hairy defiance to his detractors? And let’s not ignore Akhilesh, as Veeru, sporting a grin as bright as the future he envisions for this alliance. The poster also features the floating heads of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and Yadav’s wife, parliamentarian Dimple Yadav – both of whom look rather embarrassed to be there – along with Priyanka Gandhi, who looks as though she has never quite stopped laughing at her brother since the day he spoke his first words (“women’s empowerment”). Also on the poster are the lyrics of the famous Sholay song: “Yeh dosti, hum nahin todenge" (we will never break this bond of friendship). It makes us wonder what this alternative version of the cult film would do to its iconic dialogues. When Akhilesh asked Rahul to partner with him: “Yeh haath humko de de, Rahul!” Mulayam Singh, upon hearing about Akhilesh’s risky plan to give away 105 of UP’s 403 seats to Congress: “Kitne aadmi the?!?” Ardent Akhilesh Yadav supporters when they see this hilariously awful poster: “Akhilesh, in kutton ke samne matt nachna.” Meanwhile, all we’re wondering is how we can trust politicians who think they are so far above the law that they see no need for helmets. Well, there’s that, and also – what the hell were they thinking?


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