Wireless headphones could have been another passing fad till iPhone 7 made it a thang to be. Too many jokes have been cracked about the demise of the audio jack and the use of wireless ear buds too. But if more smartphones catch on this new trend, will we have to go the wireless headphone way for good? Also Read: These 10 Comebacks Are All You Need to Shut iPhone 7 Haters Before we get to that, let’s wring out the good, bad and ugly realities that come with using them.

The Good

  • The most obvious benefit about going wireless is free ourselves from the tedious task of untangling wires every single time.
  • It does not keep you bound to the source of your audio. This is particularly helpful when you’re exercising. You don’t want your phone weighing you down when you’re doing cardio or weight training. With a wireless headphone, you can keep the music player next to you without worrying about it getting in your way.
  • You can hit pause or play on the headphone itself without needing to intervene with your source gadget.
  • Most of these headphones are have hi-tech features like good quality bass and treble and noise cancellation.
  • With no risk of the wire getting damaged, wireless headphones have better durability.
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The Bad

  • Opting for the new earbud version of this wireless device puts you at a high risk of losing these tiny buds, especially if you live in a crowded country like India.
  • They are way more expensive than a wired one.
  • Since they operate completely on frequency, you will have to ensure you stay in range. Moving in and out of range can cause several issues like static, breaking up of sound, noise etc.
  • Wireless headphones work on battery. If your battery dies out suddenly, you’ll be left stranded. Or will have to leave all things aside and wait for it to charge.
  • Then there’s also the continuous cost of investing in new batteries every other month, if you don’t have chargeable batteries.

The Ugly

  • Research suggests that longer exposure to Bluetooth devices and their transmitting microwave radiation can cause health hazards particularly affecting your brain.
  • Prolonged use of a headset hanging freely on your ears can cause it to weigh your ears down thus leading to pain.


Using wireless headphones is definitely convenient if you can bear the expenses that come with it. What you really need to consider is your use. Using it when you’re exercising or training outdoor gives you an upper hand over using a wired device. It’s also a good option for gamers who sit at a distance from the gaming system. However, if you’re the type who keeps your headphones on all the time listening to audio all day, you might to stick to the wired ones since they possess lesser health risks. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com