Before we begin discussing the iPhone 7, let's consider why many dislike the iPhone. Some abhor the fact that it is too expensive, while others detest it because transferring music or videos to it is more painful than getting your root canal done. Then there is the set of users who do not like the iOS architecture and truly believe Android is a way superior OS in every single way. Today we won't be talking about this set of smartphone users. Instead we will be talking to users who have cash to splurge, and simply cannot live without a Macbook, iPad or in this case, the iPhone. Now we know your 6s is not that old, however you already ache for the iPhone 7. Which is why we will divulge all the gory details about the phone that will have iUsers dropping their jaws and cash when it will finally be unveiled in September this year. iphone 7 First let's talk about the body of the latest iPhone, the 6s, which is curved, less slippery than the older 6 and won't bend unless you are The Great Khali. We digress. The upcoming iPhone 7 has plans of ironing out a few design issues that has purists making a sad face. So Apple will most definitely stick to its current curvy design but two of the white antenna bands on the rear of the phone could be done away with, which ensures an all-metal finish. Another gripe most iPhone users had, was with the protruding camera, that took all the beating when you place the phone on your desk or any hard surface. That issue will be addressed on the new iPhone as Apple is most likely to use a thinner camera module, which in turn means that the new camera will sit inside the chassis, instead of protruding outwards. The camera itself is rumoured to sport a better aperture spec and Apple may offer a premium iPhone 7 with two lenses on the rear. If you have been following patents filed by Apple, you will know that the company plans to use each lens for a specific use to offer maximum picture quality. Here is how it will work -- one lens will only capture information about brightness, while the other will seize all the colour information it needs when you click a picture, as opposed to single sensors found on current cameras that have to deal with doing both. iphones While that should do it as far as image quality is concerned, Apple even plans to get rid of the 3.5 slot, where you connect your headphones or line out to discreet speakers. Rumours point at the fact that Apple plans to route the audio via the Lightning connector, which is capable of sending high-resolution signal to devices that support it. Noble thought we say, when it comes to making the device even thinner, it is a marvellous idea. Except for the fact that Apple might end up selling 3.5mm adapters that will connect to the iPhone via the Lightning connector, each costing more money than you would want to spend. But hey, you are an iPhone user and you certainly don't mind that minor inconvenience. To conclude, Apple’s upcoming smartphone will be thinner than previous iterations, sport a better camera and lose the 3.5mm slot. However, as an end note we are hearing scandalous things from informative birds that Apple might even say goodbye to the much loved, round home button. If you believe in such rumours that is, prepare to say hello to a very different iPhone. We’ll keep you posted on the latest news when Apple finally launches its latest baby. Also Read: Phone-lympics: All-stars of the Smartphone World Cover Image Courtesy:; Images Courtesy: