Nothing unites the diverse population of India than a game of cricket. The Indian Premier League is one such tournament that mobilises millions of people in the country of India. And while many choose to catch these matches live in the stadium, the fervour of the tournament is very much present in houses too. So if you’re looking to buy a new television or upgrade your existing television set, these are some TVs you should definitely consider. The selection of televisions range across price segments and there’s an option for all budgets!

Sony Bravia A9F

65-inch 4K OLED Panel | Acoustic Surface Audio+ | HDR-enabled panel

When it comes to catching IPL at home, it barely gets any better than the Sony A9F. This brilliant 65-inch 4K panel will blow you away with its crisp OLED panel that showcases perfect blacks and eye-popping colours. From Virat’s aggressive expressions to Dhoni’s whacky shots, everything will look surreal. The television’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology makes use of the display to generate sound. Combine this with its sub-woofers and the cheers from the stadium will give you goosebumps!

Samsung Q8C

Curved 65-inch 4K QLED Panel | Motion Rate 240 | Immersive experience If innovation is the name of the game, then Samsung is the forbearer of consumer electronics. This curved 65-inch QLED TV stands for Samsung’s undying spirit in making the best television sets in the world. The curved panel of the television adds a layer of perception and makes content on the screen seem to be more real as it surrounds you. Its Motion Rate 240 capabilities will make sure you don’t miss out on smooth and crisp action even in the most action-packed matches.


55-inch 4K OLED Panel | Instantaneous Response Time | Excellent Viewing Angles

LG has achieved legendary status for its top-of-the-line OLED television sets. The LG B8 is amongst the few televisions to offer excellent sports watching experience. This 55-inch 4K panel has outstanding viewing angles and is perfectly suitable to accommodate a bunch of friends to enjoy the big game together. The B8 also has a nearly instantaneous response time and is ideal to catch the fast-paced games. Don’t hesitate to consider this set while purchasing your next television. After all, life’s good with LG!

Samsung NU7100

55-inch 4K LED Panel | Great Upscaling of SDR content | Sleek Design

If you want a Samsung television without breaking the bank, then the NU7100 is a great option for you. The 4K UltraHD panel offers a wonderfully crisp 4K picture. “But IPL isn’t broadcasted in 4K, so why should I bother buying this 4K television”, you ask? Well, Samsung does a great job of upscaling standard definition content to near 4K quality. This provides you with a well-processed image that is well-detailed and more enhanced than what it would be without the upscaling.

Panasonic FX650D

43-inch 4K LED Panel | Dot Noise Reduction Technology | Built-in Chromecast

The intersection of quality and affordability is where you’ll find Panasonic televisions. This 43-inch television has a 4K HDR-enabled panel that can get really bright, thanks to its IPS LED technology. To ensure rich colour reproduction, Panasonic has gone a step further by including an advanced processing technology called Hexa Chrome Drive that uses 6-colour reproduction. This, along with 1500Hz BMR ensures for a smooth and indulgent match-watching experience. If you want to catch the match highlights, you can connect your phone with the television via built-in Chromecast and enjoy content from your phone on the bigger screen.


43-inch 4K LED Panel | Micro-Dimming Technology | Dolby Surround Sound 5.1

TCL has been a formidable player in the budget television segment. The P65 is an excellent budget option if you want to opt for a 4K television but don’t have pockets as deep. This 43-inch panel supports features like micro-dimming and dynamic picture enhancement, features that are usually found on more expensive sets. The P65 also has an eye-catching design with super narrow bezels that make the overall package even more attractive. And to wrap it up, the television also supports Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 that is capable of filling your room with stadium cheers.

Cloudwalker Spectra AF04X

43-inch FullHD LED Panel | Wide Viewing Angles | Elegant Design

  Having entered the television market recently, Cloudwalker has managed to make a name for making affordable televisions that still feature packed. The AF04X is one such model in their portfolio that offers a good bang for the buck. The 43-inch panel has a FullHD resolution IPS panel that offers a high-quality viewing experience with accurate colours and wide viewing angles. Its Xluminous display is also capable of upscaling video quality to make it more smoother, sharper and clearer.