Under Smriti Irani's watchful eye and tweet-ful thumbs, the Ministry of Textiles is up for a major rehaul. The government is finally sitting up and taking notice of what is India's second largest employment sector and pushing new initiatives to give textiles and crafts the much needed (and long overdue) boost. The fashion fraternity has always supported the local artisans and craftsmen with designers like Rahul Mishra and Sanjay Garg championing the cause collection after collection. Now with their combined forces, textiles are the main focus on every runway countrywide. As such, the seventh season of IFFD's India Runway Week saw a new breed of designers take over the mission to push traditional textiles in a way that fits the contemporary context. From Daniel Siyem's showcase of northeastern textiles to Bibi Russel's khadi collection, here are snapshots from the week-long textile fest.