There are two kinds of people, the ones who understand computer stuff a little too well (the techie kind) and others who are complete noobs. Good thing for the newbs is that there are techies to always sort you out. Of course that always comes with a look of condescendence and snide remarks. That aside, we can’t deny that life would be pretty impossible without your office IT support guy or that techie friend. After all there’s only so many times you can hit restart and expect a miracle. This Techie Day, we’d like point out the love-hate relationship we share with them. If you’ve had techie struggles, then you’ll relate to this too.
When your computer refuses to start for you even after the 10th try
computer won't start But it seems to automatically come alive when your tech guy walks in.
Blame gaze galore
blame gaze You know that that look when they’ve already assumed you’re the one responsible for it.
…and when you try to prove yourself innocent
innocent They will find that one odd mistake you made three months ago that had something to with the downfall today. #innocentnot
ITsplaining is a thing
itsplaining When they try explaining in terms of html div, xyz, wtf, nvm….
When they introduce you to the restart button
restart Clearly they think very little of you if they think you’ve not already hit restart.
Their incognito abilities
disappear Isn’t it odd that they’re always around and then that one day you need them, they seem to have disappeared.
Your constant paranoia about your browsing “history”
paranoia If they wanted to know your browsing history, chances are they’d already know. Cover Image Courtesy:; Images via