You don’t need to be a techwiz to stay updated with whatever’s new in the field of tech. Whether you want to buy a new phone or know which graphic card is better (psst with DirectX12, we prefer the underdog AMD, here's why) or just want your daily dose of geek fun, Youtube is a great source of videos that explain tech for everyone out there. Here are some YouTube channels that we have subscribed to with some of our favourite videos, and feel that you ought to the same.
A popular site for the masses, Lifehacker lets you the get the best and most of your tech gadgets and devices. The primary focus here is technology but there are plenty of life hacks for your other needs, so keep this adviser subscribed to complete any task with ease.
Eric loves to unbox and review PC components, smartphones and gadgets. He’s pretty charismatic and keeps you hooked with his entertaining comments and style of unboxing. Who else would open a box with a large, fancy knife?! I thought I was the only one!
Based off, TimeToLiveCustoms goes the distance with tutorials on building the computer of your choice from scratch. The tutorials are more detailed than almost anything you’ll find on any other Youtube channels, and that’s thanks to all the info that’s packed in each video to make sure that you don’t screw it up. Also Read: Follow These 10 Techies on Instagram for a Feed Full of Digital Awesomeness
For fans of Mythbusters, here’s another dose of Adam Savage and other hosts, Will and Norm, laying the dope on what’s new in the field of technology along with a look at their geeky hobbies. It’s fun to see them interact with master chefs, astronauts (while they’re in space) and cool tech inventors.
MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) is one of the most popular tech (especially phone) reviewers in the world, bringing in millions of viewers to check out what’s the deal about the latest flagship models. The level of video quality and Marques’ passion for technology shines through in every video, making it one of the better tech YouTube channels. Cover Image via YouTube