We’re on our way towards a Jetsons-like future where technology will be advanced and life will be much simpler. Each year we get closer to this technological revolution with new gadgets that never cease to awe us, and 2016 was no exception. This year we’ve come to not just witness but get our hands on some of the coolest gadgets. They’ve become a crucial part of our everyday lives already and have been around all year. Here’s a shout-out to all those tech trends that dominated 2016.
Wearable tech
Fitness Bands Wearable tech like fitness bands and smartwatches have been around for a while but it would be appropriate to say that it took off tremendously this year. From fitness enthusiasts to the occasional evening stroller, everyone’s been fascinated by the convenience of strapping on a fitness band. This has made people a tad bit more responsible about their health. Similarly, with smartwatches, there’s so much one can get out of strapping on this wearable that simply keeping a regular time-telling watch doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Also Read: 5 Fitness Bands That Promise a Fitter You In 2016
Mobile payments
online wallet Making payments on the go with a few taps on your mobile seems like a convenient idea already. That’s why it was no surprise that mobile wallets that give you such service with the additional benefit of discounts and cash-back offers have become the talk of the town. If it wasn’t already trending this year, the demonetization drive surely did put them in the limelight. Also Read: Here’s How to Secure Your Mobile Wallet, Before You Go Cashless
Virtual Reality
VR Virtual reality has been around for a bit too but was limited to the gaming world. All that changed this year when it began to take a step towards mainstream consumers. People have begun looking forward to such an experience when watching a film on their flat-screen TVs. Companies like Sony, HTC and Facebook are embarking on this technology and are set to release more of such advanced devices for a one of a kind experience.
Internet of things
internet of things With the use of smart devices like the smart TV, smart watch, smart lights, smart locks and a whole lot of home automation devices, our gadgets have begun to communicate with each other. Together they make up for one integrated system with devices revolving around one centralised hub. This technology that was once a far-fetched dream has become more real today.
3D Printing
3d printing 3D printing has been making headlines since earlier this year. What was once a fascination for designers and engineers has now become common to mainstream consumers! The machines are no longer big and expensive. They are viable and affordable and can be used for numerous reasons. Also Read: Turning Trash to Cash Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com; Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com