Kids these days are wiser, more curious and have a constantly evolving taste. An inanimate piece of toy will no longer be able to garner a child’s interest for longer than a day. In such times, there’s nothing quite like the gift of technology to keep them interested. And the tech market has just the right toys to deliver. Some of these tech toys are so fascinating, unusual and educational that they will get you hooked to them too. Here are a few tech toys for your techie kids.


Meet your friendly neighbourhood robot Cozmo. This little guy comes with a mind of his own and a one-of-a-kind personality. He’s almost like the real-life robots you see in movies. He’s the closest you’ll have as an R2D2 friend. The more you hang out with him, the more he evolves into a real friend that can call you by your name, play games and keep you surprised constantly. There’s no getting bored with this one. Check it out

Sphero BB-8 app-enabled Droid

Star Wars has managed to captivate techies of all ages. If you thought you were the only one fascinated by light sabers and tie fighters, think again, because there’s a whole range of Star Wars toys that come with no age bar. For instance, the BB-8 droid is a super fun toy that can be remote controlled with an Android or iOS device. This robot rolls around in any direction and has a magnetically attached head on the toy which makes it look quite comical. The companion app lets you play around with different movements. The BB-8 also listens, responds, recognizes and reacts to your voice. It has an adaptive personality and a unique attitude that just keeps getting better over time. Check it out

Sphero Force Band

If your kids already have droids, then this Sphero Force Band is an added extension to enjoying their toys. You can use the force to push your droid forward, stop it and make it come towards you. You can guide it through obstacle courses and enjoy the thrill of having such control. With this band the power of the force can now be with you too. Check it out


Want to buy a dog but don’t want to deal with the responsibilities then robot dog can be your new best friend. CHiP is an intelligent and affectionate robot dog. He has advanced sensors and smart accessories that makes CHiP always aware and ready to play. His behaviour is shaped on how you respond to your dog. This way your CHiP is truly unique. Check it out Cover Image via