Gifting is an essential part of Valentine's day. Rather than just buying something random for your loved one, it is a chance to show them that you care by picking something that brings about a positive change in their lives. It could even be something that both of you can enjoy together. Are you still wracking your brains about what it could be? Here are some of our top suggestions.

Stay close & connected with Smartphones

Modern romance wouldn't be the same without smartphones. Gift them the latest smartphone to stay connected with them over messaging apps, high-quality video calls and much more.

Enrich your memories together with a DSLR

When it comes to your significant other, your memories deserve the best preservation and that comes with great picture quality. A DSLR can make your memories everlasting.

Share your favourite tunes with headphones

A shared love of music can bring people closer. If your beloved can't stop humming their favourite tunes, it's time to get them a pair of headphones to enjoy their music the way it was meant to be heard.

Encourage a fit lifestyle with blenders & juicers

If you want your significant other to get started on a journey of fitness, gift them a juicer or a blender to make the best healthy smoothies together.

Live the concerts home with a soundbar

Do you love enjoying movies or music with your loved one? Gift them a soundbar to take the experience to the next level. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying your next concert together from your living room.

Bring your texts a glance away with smartwatches

Sometimes, it is difficult keeping track of your loved one's messages due to the sheer number of things to do. A smartwatch can keep you close to their eyes by bringing your text messages a glance away.

Smarten up their days with a Google Nest Hub

While we know that you'd always like to be there to help your significant other, we also know it might not be possible all the time. Gift them a Google Nest Hub to answer their queries, work out their plans and help them get things done when you're not around.

Enjoy a movie together on a tablet

You want to get cosy with your loved one but the TV's in the living room & the comfortable beanbags are in the study. Solve the conundrum by gifting your valentine a tablet, and enjoy your favourite shows & movies wherever you're comfy.

Indulge in quality gaming time on a gaming console

Gaming can make for really good quality time, so gifting a gaming console can be a great valentine gift. Just don't complain when they beat you at your favourite game - they do say that everything's fair in love!