In our daily lives, technology usually has to face the blame of being a source of stress - mainly due to how deeply entrenched it is into the busier aspects of our lives. From education, work to even transportation, quite a number of difficult activities involve a lot of tech today. However, it is often the nature of the activities itself that creates that association. In fact, technology can be great source of stress relief for many, including tech experts who are familiar with its basics. We interacted with people who've held their own expertise in the field of technology for a while now, to understand how it helps them relax at the end of the day. Here are some of the things they had to say.

Gaming Goodness

To a casual, unaware observer, video games might appear as an activity that children and teenagers primarily engage in. However, the world of gaming knows no age bars. For years, gamers all around the world have engaged in their favourite games - casually, competitively or even among friends. While competitive gaming can get intense, gaming on the whole is quite relaxing. "Gaming is one of the more underrated ways in which people can relax with technology.", says Siddharth Parwatay, former Managing Editor, Digit, "Most people think that it is very high intensity and needs a lot of attention. However,  you don’t have to play games that need insane reflexes or intense concentration, you can even fire up Minesweeper that used to be available as a Windows default pre-installed game. However, right now I'm enjoying CS:GO, a fast-paced action first-person shooter that I've been playing for years".

Freezing A Moment

When it comes to deriving relaxation from the world around you, there are perhaps few activities as effective as photography. As shutterbugs and newbie photographers alike would tell you, there's something special about freezing a moment. "At times like these when you are stuck in the house, photographs from trips done in the past can be quite relaxing, reminding you of happier times." says Nimish Sawant from Mumbai. Currently working as a freelance tech journalist, Nimish has over a decade of experience in the field, which also exposed him to some of the best camera smartphones of our times. As he puts it, "It's great to see photography having evolved so much and a you now always have a camera on you to capture moments. Even seeing the changes in people's or a city's appearance through photographs over the years is interesting."

Apps To Meditate

Meditation has been a practice found in various cultures across the world for ages. Technology has adapted itself as a medium for meditation as well. Guided meditation videos and apps are quite popular today and help many people around the world find their share of inner peace every day. "I use the Calm app for meditation and also listen to a bunch of sleep relaxation podcasts." says Adamya Sharma from Android Authority, "I've recently started watching dance fitness videos on YouTube to stay in shape." When it comes to meditating with technology, you could also throw in accessories like headphones, mood lighting and more to improve the results.

A Stress Free Home

No unwinding technique can help you if your home feels like stressful zone to begin with. There are many ways you can make a difference, often by incorporating minor changes and small additions using technology. "Use (technology) for mood lighting around the house & use the right apps" says tech expert & NDTV consultant Devika Chitnis, " You should also set your schedules and reminders with smart assistants and use your devices for your creative and productive tasks," she adds. Modern day technology offers ways to destress from itself. For instance, you can use particular apps to monitor and regulate your overall smartphone usage.


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