Childhood is often marked by some strange beliefs about food and nutrition and, funnily enough, like most beliefs these, too, begin at home. Indian parents are notorious for their sketchy food advice based on the same myths that have been passed down through the generations.

Who Needs Fairness Creams?

“Being South Indian means you have people within your own community and family tell you that you need ‘fairer’ skin. So, I was asked to have papaya by an uncle, citrus fruits by another aunt, tomato by my paternal grandma and fishy fish by my maternal grand uncle... so that I will be white as a ghost.” - Shwetha Nair, Editor-in-Chief

But Aren’t Bananas 75% Water?

“Don’t drink water after eating a banana or you’ll get stomach pain.” - Chelna Khatau, Culture and Lifestyle Editor

Chewing Gum is the Most Hardcore Food of All:

"If you swallow chewing gum, it'll end up stuck inside you and doctors will have to operate to get it out." - S.George, Tech and Men's Lifestyle Editor

 But Advertising Never Lies to You:

“‘Drink Complan, you'll grow taller.’ Nope. Still stuck at 5 feet nothing.” - Dyuti Mishra, Assistant Fashion Editor

Dehydration is a Myth, Right?

“Don't drink water immediately after coming home from walking in the hot sun. You'll get cold or even fever.” - Vanessa Luis, Tech and Men’s Lifestyle Writer 

Why Build a Greenhouse When You Can Have a Child Instead?

“Don’t swallow the seeds in your fruits or a tree will grow inside your stomach and pop out of your mouth.” - Neil Balthazar, Culture and Lifestyle Writer

Why Bother Understanding How Preservatives Work?

“Don’t touch pickle when you’re on your period or the pickle will spoil?” - Nicole Fernandes, Fashion Writer 

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