Our teachers have been an invaluable part of all our lives. They’ve gifted us knowledge, wisdom and words of advice whenever we needed them the most. Listening to every child with equal attention, working overnight to evaluate question papers, taking care of any emergency at school – they truly deserve the best for being the best. This year, you should make their Teachers' Day memorable with a special gift of technology that makes their lives easier. Here are a few of our top picks.

E-book reader

Even if it's been ages since you went into a classroom, the image of a teacher in your head will never been without books in their hand. Carrying references and textbooks from classroom to classroom, however, can be tiring for even the most dedicated teachers, especially with everything they must deal with.

You can literally lighten their workload by gifting them an e-book reader which will allow them to carry all their books digitally.

Fitness tracker

If teachers had to choose a different profession, they’d become professional walkers. Starting right from the morning assembly in most schools, teachers are walking between and within classes all day – except for when they are running after naughty students.

A fitness tracker is a perfect gift for a teacher since it will help them keep track of how much they’ve walked all day and what milestones they’ve achieved.


At any given point of time, a teacher is dealing with five different things on their schedule. Classroom timetables, parent-teacher meetings, assignment deadlines and more – there's a lot more happening in a teacher’s everyday life.

Help them keep track of all of it and more with a smartwatch. It will also help them interact with their phone without being distracted from their work.

Portable Projector

Every teacher wants their classes to be effective. One tried and tested way to do that is to incorporate multimedia in the teaching process. Now, it is understandable that every classroom cannot be fitted with its own television screen.

However, projectors are an easy and capable workaround. Portable projectors today can prove to be invaluable for a classroom – they're easy to carry to each class and provide good connectivity options. They truly make for the best teachers' day gift.

Bluetooth speaker

Even if you’ve taken care of the visual medium with a projector, a speaker can be quite helpful in amplifying the sound of any multimedia experience in the classroom. Connecting it to your laptop, your phone or any other source device is quite easy today.

Bonus tip: If it’s the Saregama Carvaan that comes preloaded with classic retro songs, your teacher might even enjoy their favourite music on their own time.

Smart Hub

If you think a smart hub can only be useful at home, you’re wrong. From looking up useful information to adding reminders, to even engaging students to learn by conversation – a smart assistant enabled hub can take the learning experience in the classroom to a whole new level.

Bring your teacher the assistant they’ve always wanted this teachers' day.

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