Is there any bond more powerful than that between a mother and her child? When you fell down and scraped your knee, she was there to pick you up and kiss away the pain. When you came home crying from school because the other kids had picked on you, she was there to hug you and tell you that you’re amazing. When you had your first breakup, she listened and consoled you. Our mothers do so much for us, but, over time, too many of us seem to forget the huge role she played in shaping the people that we’ve become today. This Mother’s Day, we teamed up with Titan to make sure that moms everywhere find the appreciation that they deserve. All participants had to do was take a photo with their mother and prove that they set aside at least #9MinutesForMom, because it’s the least one can do after she gave you a home within herself for the first 9 months of your life and then looked after you ever since. Here what the contest looked like on Instagram.
Here are some Instagrammers who took part by taking a photo with mother dearest and shared it with the hashtag #9MinutesForMom. The best entries out of all who participated will win a fabulous Titan Raga watch worth Rs 8,000.
Here's another one #9minutesformom @tatacliq #mothersday #makehershine #swaroski #therightshadeofred @therightshadeofred A post shared by Anusha (@wanderlustgirl_anusha) on

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