How do you remove a saucy stain from a knitted sweater? Or lint off your favourite suede jacket? Taking care of your winter wear can be little tricky - after all, you you wouldn't want to ruin them by washing them the wrong way or storing them carelessly. So, here's you-a-step by step guide on how take care of your favourite winter pieces.

Maintenance Is Key

Knits, suede and leather tend to accumulate dust when stored for a long time. Use a soft bristle brush to keep these fabrics dust-free. Airing them often can also help get rid of musty odours.

Follow Washing Instructions Carefully

Check those labels on your sweater/jacket/top before your wash it. Clothes made from fabrics like wool and suede will be ruined in the machine or in a bucket of  detergent water - so look for the Hand Wash/Do Not Wash symbol and follow fabric care instructions to the T.

Dry Them Carefully

Avoid leaving your winter wear to dry out in direct sunlight or on a clothesline. Sunlight can cause colour to fade, while hanging a stretchy fabric, like wool, on a clothesline can cause it to lose its shape. Instead, dry the garment on a flat surface.

While Ironing, Pay Attention To The Temperature

Certain fabrics need to be ironed at different temperatures. For example, wool and knitted sweaters cannot be ironed when completely dry. Instead, use steam heat that will prevent the fabric from fraying. Also make sure to turn your winter wear inside-out and iron on the inside.

Storage Is Important

The most important step is to store to your winter wear well. Wool and knitted fabrics trend to absorb huge amounts of moisture, thus attracting germs. Place silica gel packets in your wardrobe to get rid of excess moisture. Also, avoid creating creases by placing tissue paper between folds. Image Courtesy:

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