Shoes are an investment you should make after much research and contemplation. As with any good investment, you want sound returns — in this case, long wear and comfort. And both those outcomes are the result of care. With the onset of the monsoons and high humidity levels, there is a high chance your leather shoes will lose the battle against the weather. But a little effort goes a long way in keeping them weatherproof. So invest in high quality leather shoe sprays — after all, you can't take care of your formal shoes the same way you do for your favourite pair of sneakers — and more. Shoe designer Sunil Mehra gives it to us straight now how to take care of formal shoes this monsoon. wgsn 1

Keep the Material in Mind

"It is absolutely essential to protect and take care of formal shoes to extend their wear life. Take care of your shoes according to the material they are made from. Leather shoes come in a variety of materials like calfskin, patent, nubuck and suede, so the cleaning process differs according to the material."

Bring Back That Shine

"Before and after wearing calfskin shoes, always make sure that you wipe off the dirt with a piece of cloth. Use a soft damp cloth to remove the dust or patches. Leather shoes must be polished each time you wear them.  To make sure your shoes always look glossy, use liquid leather polish and wipe them down with a soft cloth for shine. Calfskin can also be treated with special shoe conditioners to prevent cracking."

Invest In Shoe Care Products

"To maintain leather’s natural oils, always opt for quality shoe care products. Use a cream polish to buff out the scratches and moisturise the leather; use a weather-resistant spray on your shoes on a regular basis to protect and keep them weather proof. Use a patent-leather cleaner to clean and bring out the natural shine of your patent leather shoes. Buff the shoe with a polishing brush or use a cotton chamois to wipe it."

Avoid Using Water

"It is very important to note that suede shoes must not be cleaned with water as it can affect the quality of suede. Stains on suede can be removed with the help of a soft bristle brush. Avoid using any kind of liquid on suede, except for a suede-sealer solution."

Use A Shoe Horn

"Since leather shoes need special care, use a shoehorn to put them on and take them off. Not only will it help maintain the shape of shoes but is also a more convenient way to wear them effortlessly."

Storage Is Key

"One of the most important things to keep in mind while taking care of your formal shoes is storage. Keep your shoes well packed in boxes in a cupboard away from humidity so that it does not affect the leather. When not in use, stuff paper inside the shoes to absorb moisture and keep it dry." Like this article? Also read5 Essential Pairs Of Shoes Every Man Must Own Image Courtesy: WGSN

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