High-waisted, flared and cropped-hem denims are all making a major comeback this season, just in time to give the (now) classic skinny jeans a break. But once you have invested in an on-trend pair of denims, how to you get the most out of them. Regular wash and wear will fade them – badly – and pull them out of shape. We’re sure you wouldn’t want you newly-purchased flared jeans ( bought on TataCLiQ.com, of course) to stretch out of shape too soon, so here are a few tips to help take care of your denims better.

Don’t Wash Your Denims Too Often

Washing your jeans too often can destroy the fibres on the fabric which can make them lose their original shape and elasticity. Washing jeans every four to five months is ideal; of course, they deserve a rinse if you’ve got them dirty or sat on a grimy bench. Like this article? Also read: Bipasha Basu's Tips For A Nice Butt (and How To Show it Off)

Avoid Harsh Detergents

When you do wash your denims, opt for a mild detergent. Washing powders with strong chemicals can make your jeans look faded, changing their colour and appearance. Another tip is to flip them inside-out and wash them by hand in cold water which helps to retain the dyes in the fabric.

Dropped Something on Them? Spot Clean, Instead

Use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush with soap to get rid of food stains. It’s a simple idea that not only gets rid of the stain but also keeps you from doing more laundry than usual. Like this article? Also read: The Only Outerwear You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe This Season

Keep Them Fresh

Air-drying jeans on a hanger helps keep them fresh in between wearing them. Also, wrap your jeans in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer to get rid of the odours and bacteria. This will help the jeans retain their shape for longer.

Store Them Well

If you’re not going to be wearing them soon, avoid hanging your jeans in the wardrobe as they may lose their original fit. Instead, fold and place them on a shelf. This avoids creasing and your jeans will be fresh and comfortable the next time you wear them. Like this article? Also read: Shop The Story: Moods Of The Season Image courtesy: Shutterstock.com