For most of us workouts lack the momentum and seem to be incomplete without getting into the zone by listening to music that pumps us up. But more often than not, the gym where you workout doesn’t play your kind of tunes. This stands true when you go out for jogs as well because who likes to hear the blaring horns! Hence, a lot of us resort to listening to music on a pair of earphones. But workouts and jogs require the body to move freely without having to worry about gravity acting on your pair of wired earphones. This makes wireless earphones a much more preferred option. But it’s essential for these wireless earphones to be sweat-proof in order to sustain the heavy in-flow of sweat that one might experience during a workout. So keeping that in mind, here’s a list of sweat-proof earphones that will assist your workout without ‘sweating it out’.

BOSE SoundSport Free Bluetooth Earphones

The Bose SoundSport is one of the most prolific truly wireless headsets out there. Not only it offers complete freedom from wires but is also capable of resisting sweat with its IPX4 certification. They offer a 5-hour battery life and are further backed by 2 full charges, thanks to its holding case.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100 Bluetooth Earphone

If you're looking to wear your wireless earphones for a longer period of time, these earphones from Plantronics might just be your best bet. With its high-quality, lightweight construction you can wear them for long periods of time without hurting your ears. They also have a microphone and suitable to take or make calls. These earphones also offer plenty amount of bass and let you hear ambient noise so that you can take a stroll through the city without having an idea of what's going around.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung stirred up by launching the Galaxy Buds that were a perfect amalgamation of great sound and affordability. The buds are housed in a sleek carrying case that is capable of being charged wirelessly. They offer a great fit and should stay in your ears while you jog through the city. The sound quality offered too is also pretty damn good with great bass.

JABRA Sport Coach In the Ear Headset Yellow

The JABRA Sport Coach has a sporty design and is very well suited for athletic uses. The Bluetooth headset features winged tips which provide a superb fit and prevent sweat from entering your ears during a workout. These earphones also feature Dolby-tuning and in-ear audio coaching that helps you keep a track of distance covered, average pace, achievements and more without having to use your phone.

JBL Endurance DIVE Waterproof Wireless Earphones with Built-In Mp3 Player

While all the other earphones mentioned in the article are only sweat-proof, JBL Endurance takes this to a new level by being waterproof! This means that you can use the JBL Endurance Dive to listen to music underwater! Since Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater, they come with a 1GB microSD card slot as well which should be good to store about 200-220 songs. It features great audio quality and allows for complete immersion both, in water and sound. Like this article? Also read: The Top Water-Resistant Smartphones of 2019 Image Courtesy: