If you've ever sought out any advice on acing job interviews, you will always be confronted by the same cliché - dress for the job you want, not the one you have. But how much of this adage is true and what is the importance of looking put together? We asked Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder of Cash Karo, to weigh in on this.   Querator Swati Bhargava As the Co-Founder of CashKaro, India’s Largest Coupons & Cashback site, the number of things that need my attention are just about endless. However, a lesser known fact is that I also like to pay special care to my workplace attire. I believe in ‘Dress how you want to be addressed’ – Image is very important. I like to keep my outfits smart yet stylish, whether at work or play. I’m a brand conscious person - The clothes that I wear reflects my personality and mood. At work I am neither too casual nor tend to wear hard-core formals – CashKaro is a fun yet structured workplace and my work wear represents the same.A typical day’s ensemble would include one or more of these and similar pieces:
michael kors bag
A tote bag is a must on my accessory list on any given day. For a subtle statement, I’d opt for a nude or a beige shade. A big enough bag to fit in all my essentials is all I need as an arm candy for busy days at work.
michael kors tote red
Even if I’m carrying a compact bag for the day, a structured tote would still be my go-to choice. Something in a solid, bright colour adds a vibrant splash to my overall attire and lets me carry around my essentials in a comfortable, non-bulky accessory.
navy dress
When I’m getting dressed for work, smart and structured dresses are on the top of my ‘what-to-wear’ list. As I mentioned above, these will neither exude too much formality nor will the day come off as way too casual. For days when I have meetings lined up, you’ll see me in solid, professional colours such as black or navy blue. Adding a belt for a well-fitted silhouette does the trick every time.
formal printed dress
I also love to don printed dresses with large prints which make for a fun, yet office-friendly look. Pairing these dresses with the perfect pumps gives me a suave look which is exactly what I like to go for. The best thing about these dresses is that they can make the transition for office-wear to party-wear with just a few accessories like a statement neckpiece or bling heels.
black pumps
Speaking of the perfect pumps, a classic black pair never lets me down. I look for the ones that have embellishments such as tassels for a fresh take on the classic shoes. Pairing pumps with dresses give me the powerful, confident walk that should be characteristic of all female founders. Like this article? Also read: Office Ready Outfits For The Curvy Girl