If I got a penny for every time someone told me to get an AC and get over the summer heat, I would have enough to buy an AC for real but you don’t always need an air conditioner to survive summer. Whether you’re sweating it out in Mumbai’s humidity or burning up in Delhi, one always finds something to get through. We asked 5 people, from 5 of the hottest cities in India about their one go-to gadget that keeps them cool or helps keep their cool when the temperature begins to soar. Here’s to the power of that one gadget you’ll need around this summer.

Surviving Chennai

Conrad 1 Chennai is no doubt a hot city but what makes it difficult is the humidity as you feel uncomfortably sticky. With such weather, the AC won’t be able to remove all the moisture and will leave your room less cool, musty and damp. Your skin will also feel clammy when you’re locked inside with such conditions. I think having a dehumidifier make a big difference when it comes to those humid nights. This gadget pulls the moisture from the air and keeps the humidity levels in check. This lets the AC do its job effectively and leaves you feeling cooler and more refreshed. Also, since your AC won’t be working hard to deal with the humidity, it doesn’t take a toll on the electricity bill.

Surviving Pune

SAHIIL 1 Pune is HOT in summer and the heat is very dry. The temperature reaching 40° is a common thing here. However, since it isn’t that damp humid weather, it can be quite bearable. A good cooler works just fine to keep the air circulating through the room. Sometimes you don’t even need an expensive store-bought cooler, I use a local cooler made by some guys and it keeps my room cool.

Surviving Agra

geet Summer is hot and ruthless and most days the temperature rises way over 40°. But the people here have had a practical solution to survive summer way before coolers and ACs were a common thing. We take a freshly washed bedsheet and suspend it across the fan in a way that the air is blown by the fan into the bedsheet. The air that comes through the other side of the bedsheet is cool and moist and makes the heat bearable. And that’s why I think, a washing machine is a much-needed gadget that will help moisten even a large bedsheet quickly for our DIY cooling experiment.

Surviving Delhi

shrey When people from other cities like Mumbai complain about the heat every time it rises above 35°, we Delhiites have a good laugh because summer for us is nothing below 40° and can even go to a good 45° too. We’re all in and out of AC rooms and cabs but what is really important in summer is to keep our cool and not get hot-headed in this hot weather. I think ‘Home is where WiFi connects automatically’. I need access to the internet to keep me distracted from the heat. A good portable WiFi router keeps my MacBook, smartphone and tab connected to high-speed internet at all times, which is great when I’m stuck in between AC rooms.

Surviving Lucknow

sucheta Lucknow like most of north India sizzles at 38°- 45° in summer. We definitely need more than a fan to survive it. The air cooler is a great gadget to have in Summer. It’s not too costly to buy. It’s portable so it moves to whatever room you go to. It is also easy to setup and clean on your own. One doesn’t have to waste time and money getting it serviced every other month. Also Read: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Get Through a Hot Summer Day Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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