The times, they’re a-changing, thanks to global warming. Abnormal climate changes that leave polar bears homeless and high pollution levels that force you to drive your vehicles on alternate days (looking at you, Delhiites). If that’s not bad enough, there’s the paint on your walls or the LPG we use to cook our meals that can corrupt your insides with harmful agents. Damn, is there nothing we can do to prolong our existence on this planet?! Oh wait, there is. The Philips AC4025 40 Watt Air Purifier is perfect for filtering out those mini-agents of death including bacteria and allergens. You can adjust the flow of air and set it to sleep mode for undisturbed sleep and naptime. This may have been a not so important purchase in the past, but with the rise in pollution, this is one thing that should be on top of everybody’s wish list.
There is a growing sense of frustration among the general public about the rise in pollution. Indoor air pollution can be worse, especially for those with allergies, the young and the old. People are more health-conscious than they have ever been and they're taking every possible step to better their health. The Air purifier is the next big thing to hit the market and with models that suit every budget, they're a must buy in 2016. Rajeev Chandrashekar, Tech Enthusiast & Head of Electronics, Tata Unistore Ltd

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