I fancy myself as someone who makes wise decisions. I don’t use Facebook for more than one hour a day, show up at work and leave office on time, drink enough water after a night of partying so I don’t wake up hungover and wear practical shoes so I can cross roads in the monsoons without twisting my ankle. So when I go back home and watch Girls, I have a strong sense of achievement for all the practical decisions I have made in life—minus the bag of chips I’m devouring for dinner. Similarly, this dress from AND has #adulting written all over it. It’s solid yet feminine coral colour is almost always flattering (unless you are Wednesday Addams) and is cut in such a way that it drapes wonderfully around your frame. The tie-around waist is the cherry on the cake, accentuating the best part of your body, even if you are hiding a food baby underneath. Make this your uniform today, ladies! Cover image courtesy Giphy.com