‘Tis the time to start working on your New Year resolutions. Yes, a year has gone by while you’ve been watching cat videos and debating the merits of the last season of Game of Thrones. Now, as another year approaches, let’s decide to do something to fix your skill set, shall we? After all, if you’re buying an upgraded phone or Macbook Pro, shouldn’t you upgrade yourself as well to keep up with the times? Here are five simple but effective ways to get better in 2017.  
Fix Your Own Stuff
One thing that still distinguishes us from our counterparts in the West is their ability to fix anything that goes wrong in the house. We, on the other hand, have a parallel economy of plumbers, technicians, laundry-walas and other services that have made apps like Urbanclap and Taskbob a raging success.  Regardless of your gender, it is time to pick up some essential skills and add them to your personal CV. You never know when your home broadband might stop working and all the deals on your shopping cart fall through, just because you don’t know how to fix your modem.  
Manage Your Expenses
Unless you are Apple Inc, you know what it feels like to not have money when you need it. Whether it is for legitimate expenses, a casual buy, or launching your business, having enough money in the bank is primary. Our culture tells us to save money for social functions, such as marriage and kids, but, curiously, we never learn how to actually manage our expenses. Our reliance on financial planners and elders to make monetary decisions on our behalf needs to stop. Learn the basics and then go deeper into the world of financial planning and you will finally get to controlling your money, rather than have your money control you.  
Limit Your Social Media
Social media is nothing but an endless stream of opinions and cute cat pictures. If you spend more than an hour on Facebook and Twitter, then it’s wise to stop. Social media is a great tool to connect with friends and pass the time while commuting, but they won’t help you actually learn anything. Instead, use that time to catch up on news from across the world because, in a world increasingly ruled by nationalist governments, recourse to the truth can be elusive and difficult. If that doesn’t interest you, read books by your favourite author or plan and implement ways to reduce items from your bucket list. It might not amount to much but by this time next year, the amount of progress you’ll achieve on your extra hour each day will be truly staggering.  
Broaden Your Horizons
The harsh reality of our comfortable lives is that we are confined by the walls we build around ourselves. We think we’re protecting ourselves from external elements but, in reality, we are cutting ourselves off from the world in which we all have our roles to play. In 2017, decide to broaden your horizons. The best way of doing this is to challenge yourself to do something that you haven’t done, learn a hobby you’ve always wanted to excel at or simply observe more of what happens around you each day. Not only will these activities enhance your worldview, they will also help you gain perspective about things in ways you had never thought about earlier.  
Be Someone’s Role Model
When we were growing up we all had role models that we wanted to be like. Somewhere along the way, we settled for whatever came along and became comfortable with it. Why continue being mediocre? Instead, make 2017 the year where you break all barriers and have enough big wins for others to take notice of you. Not only that, achieving your goals in such an impressive feat that people around you begin to look up to you for inspiration. It’s a goal worth the sacrifice it requires, trust us.


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