I remember those endless hours I used to spend playing Super Mario, after school at the local ‘Kirana’ store that also had two gaming kiosks tucked away at the back. If i am not mistaken a humble rupee would get you a few minutes of gameplay. The sheer joy derived from playing this game simply could not be measured. Super Mario will always be the one game that i would never get bored of, ever.
Hence when news trickled in that Nintendo would be making one for the mobile platform, I sure was mighty excited. The wait was a wee bit longer than I expected but it was worth it. For the most part. Also Read: These 15 Nintendo Games Are Giving Us All Some Serious Blast from The Past Nostalgia There is a ton of joy that can be derived when it comes to playing games on your smartphone or iPad. Especially when the game is as simple yet engaging to play as the newly released Super Mario Run. The game follows the simple side scroller gameplay style and is easy to get up and working within no time. This time around Mario doesn't need any help to move forward, that is automated. Which does get fun and tricky at the same time.

Run 24/7

super mario run To begin with, there are 24 levels to run and jump through as you collect coins and pancake the baddies coming your way. Only this time, there is more than just gold coins to collect. While collecting the usual gold coins is pretty straightforward the tricky part comes with the addition of collecting the new pink coins. These are mostly out of reach and that's exactly why it ensures repeat playability. As you try to go back to each level once you master your moves, and try to get hold of the pink coins. There is a second mode to indulge in too and it’s called Toad Rally. Here you will find the exact same worlds you would find in the Tour mode, the only difference being that now the levels are endless runners and you get to race against friends or players. The one who collects maximum points at the end of the race wins more Toad fans to join their very own Mushroom Kingdom. The overall fun factor is pretty high here and I for one kept coming back to play in this mode.

Short lived fun?

super mario run One of the only gripes I have with Super Mario Run is that it can be done and dusted with n a few minutes in the free mode, which lets you play only 3 of the 24 levels. If you chose to pay Rs 620 for the paid full version (which you will), you will still mostly complete the entire game in a couple of hours. The one positive to look at here would be the fact that this game ensures repeat playability but I still believe, not everyone will be happy. The second problem is that the game requires a Wi-Fi or 3G connection non-stop to function. Which means if you are out and about on a vacation calming your eyes with the visuals of a secret lake tucked far away from the city and feel the need to play this game, it won’t happen. Get past this and Super Mario Run is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Graphics are top notch fluid and that adds to the repeat playability of the game. Cover Image via amazonaws.com, Images via vox-cdn.com, droid-life.com