I have a confession to make. I am in love. With the weekend. No, not that singer who has tentacles for hair, it’s those two long mesmerising days that follow after a wretched week of slogging at work. And this love affair often spills over to the much hated Mondays, where I find myself day-dreaming about all the wonderful things we did, my weekend and I. From lying next to the pool sipping on some Margaritas to getting shitfaced with my friends and telling them how much I love them only a gazillion times. Sigh. The hangover is for real. So I just go online and look at all the fun things people are doing like holidaying in Hawaii or shopping in Dubai. Am I the only one who does that? To find an answer, I snooped around a bit to investigate what the peeps at our office do to combat Monday morning blues. Here’s what they had to say…


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Before I leave the house, I drink a lot of black coffee and dance to Formation by Beyoncé.


brightest outfit1

I wear the brightest outfit I can find in my wardrobe to feel cheerful throughout the day.


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I prep the previous day. Blow-dry my hair, paint my nails. Looking good makes me feel good.



I order some Chinese food for lunch. Great way to combat a shitty day at work.



Accessories!! Adding bling to any boring work outfit always does the trick for me.



I just make an evening plan with my friends so I have something to look forward to all day.



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