An AC might not be a priority during the Summer but a well-cooled refrigerator sure is. Food that you could leave around on the counter all day will no longer stand the test of time in this sweltering heat that easily rises to 36 degrees. To beat the heat, you need a refrigerator, and it better be a good one. So, if you don’t already have a refrigerator or it’s too old to keep cool and chill all summer, switch up to these under Rs. 20,000.

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Samsung RR19K173ZRZ/HL 192L 5S Refrigerator

Samsung RR19K173ZRZHL 192L 5S Refrigerator


If you’re not big on hoarding food in your refrigerator, this 192-litre fridge could be your best bet. It’s steady during voltage fluctuations. It also comes with a Coolpack freezer feature that keeps food frozen for 9 hours even during a power cut. It has a 5-star power saving rating, which promises you optimal energy efficiency.

Godrej RT EON 231 C 2.4 231 L Refrigerator

Godrej RT EON 231 C 24 231 L Refrigerator


For a small or medium-sized family, this 231-litre refrigerator can take care of all your freezing needs. The double doors separate the fridge from the freezer which gives you better control over the cooling, keeping your frozen food frozen better. It is also anti-microbial resistant which keeps your food fresh and germ-free. This refrigerator comes with a 2-star rating that helps you save a few bucks even when your fridge is running at full power in this heat.

LG GL-B221APAW 215 Ltr 3 Star Refrigerator

LG GL-B221APAW 215 Ltr 3 Star Refrigerator


Better suited for singles, this 215-litre refrigerator can accommodate sufficient amounts of fresh produce and cooked food for your individual needs. It has a 3-star rating that makes it energy efficient too.

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Whirlpool NEOFR258ROYMB 245L 2 Star Refrigerator

Whirlpool NEOFR258ROYMB 245L 2 star Refrigerator


Meet the perfect refrigerator for summer. This fridge comes with Sixth Sense Deep Freeze Technology chills your beer and juice bottles 40 percent quicker and makes ice 50 percent faster. It has a Freshflow air system that keeps your food fresh for longer. The 2-star energy rating is an added benefit too.

Haier HRF-2673BS-H 247L 4S Refrigerator

Haier HRF-2673BS-H 247L 4S Refrigerator


This 247-litre fridge is sleek and stylish yet offers you ample of storage space. It’s a double door fridge with sturdy shelves. It has an efficient airflow system that evenly circulates air through all the shelves, keeping all your food well-cooled. Additionally, it has a 4-star energy rating for power saving.

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