This in-between season is characterized by long days of unbearable heat but is also a period of high improbability. You never know when Mother Nature might strike and bring with her a strong gust of wind or even a bit of a downpour (if you’re lucky). So it’s always a safe bet to be aided with the hugely underrated summer jacket – an item of clothing that will undoubtedly end up being a revered part of your wardrobe by the time you’re done reading this article. Much like it’s more popular cousin, the winter jacket, summer jackets too perform the primary function of protecting you from the elements, apart from defining your silhouette (camouflaging your muffin top and creating the illusion of an inflated chest to be more precise) and lending finesse to even the simplest of outfits. However, one major way in which they differ from their popular winter counterpart is that their internal framework is devoid of shoulder pads and fabric lining. Also, they are quite obviously crafted from lighter fabrics such as seersucker, linen, cotton and the decadent Panama weave. This applies to tailored jackets. However, summers also open up to menswear a wide gamut of diverse fabrics such as denim(jean jackets), gabardine(trench coats) and nylon(windbreakers). Opt for casual styles such as the popular bomber jackets, the trademark of rebels without a cause, and the utilitarian military jackets with its plethora of flap pockets. Or you can go the traditional route and opt for an unlined blazer, ideal for those semi- formal first dates. Blazers, in many ways, are the perfect cover-up for occasion dressing during the summers. You can dress them up with a colourful pocket square and linen chinos for a Sunday brunch, or dress them down with rolled up sleeves and a simple cotton tee. If you want an even more laidback look, opt for a lightweight hoodie in nylon or gore-tex—the perfect post work-out cover up.


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Another fail safe option when it comes to summer jackets, is the jean jacket, a staple of hipsters the world over. You can opt for a Borg collar one, throwback to the eighties with an acid washed one or amp up your street cred with one that has an attached hoodie. No matter what version you choose, jean jackets are your best bet at covering up in style during the summers. You can go one step further, and customize your jean jacket with badges and pins, or get a tongue-in-cheek slogan inscribed on the back of it.

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So now that you've learnt some sartorial lessons, keep you cool in transitional season with light jackets.

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