The new year is the right time to make a list of resolutions that will have you ready to take on any challenges with some much needed positive energy. Perhaps you want to work on your fitness routine or a big project at work - but it's also a great time to try out new fashion styles and give your wardrobe a style update. Keeping that in mind, we've asked our fellow employees at Tata CLiQ to share their style resolutions for 2020. From incorporating more colour into their wardrobe to making a subtle statement with minimalism, here's what they had to say:

Making sure I store my clothes better and clearing the clutter

I'd like to make grand promises about going sustainable in 2020 but honestly, I know I won't follow through. The one thing I'm adamant about changing is how I store my clothes. I need to reorganise my closet and clear the clutter. There can't be a pile of clothes lying on that one chair in the corner of the room. It's a small change that'll make a major difference.

Incorporating Sarees into my ethnic wardrobe

In 2020, I want to start wearing sarees. Though I am fond of ethnic wear, I haven’t experimented with sarees yet, hence, I intend to do so in the coming year.

Wearing more prints and ditching my flat footwear

In 2020, I will be focusing on bolder prints and better fabrics. I would like to try the print on print fashion trend which I am super scared of getting wrong (so fingers crossed). I will also be ditching my flats for comfortable heels and replacing my favourite jeans with trousers and dresses.  

Quality over quantity with a hint of pop colours

I will try to buy less, but when I do so, it will certainly be something unique in terms of styling, or being sustainable or something that I have never tried before. Also, I will try to include some pop colours in my wardrobe, like lime and bright yellow to add a fun element to every day clothing.

No more impulsive shopping

My fashion resolution for the coming year is to curb impulse purchases, buy fewer garments but more wearable clothing. I would also try and consciously include more ethnic in my daily workwear!

Investing in comfortable fabrics, colours and designs

In 2020, the first style resolution I have is to wear fewer blacks. I have way too many black T-shirts and I would like to start experimenting more with colours and patterns. Additionally, I also want to wear more comfortable fabrics and designs. At a personal level, I also want to be regular about grooming my look.

A wardrobe cleanse

I am guilty of hoarding clothes I no longer wear in the hope that one day I might need them...or fit in them.
My Style Resolution for 2020 is a thorough wardrobe cleanse. If I don't remember the last time I wore it, it's got to go!

Making a subtle statement

Loud and quirky is what has always defined my fashion sense. In 2020, whites, beige and effortlessly subtle is my clue as I've just realized that subtle can be loud too.

Choosing sustainable fashion and embracing ethnic wear

My style resolution is to buy fewer but investment-worthy and high quality products that last longer.  I will focus more on environment conscious and sustainable fashion. Also, I believe that the beauty of traditional ethnics are getting lost in India, therefore I'd like to include more ethnics in my wardrobe too.

Experimenting with vibrant hues and prints

Colours have always been an obsession of mine & 2020 will be the year of neon for me. I am willing to experiment with vibrant hues & jazz up my wardrobe with print and stripes. I really miss layering in this hot mess of a city called Mumbai. The city’s spirit should reflect in my wardrobe & what better way than to get in the groove with some sandals. 2020 will be all about sandals, stripes & neon for me!