While tangerines and acidic yellows have made their way into wardrobes this season, they are seasonal hues that make a splash and disappear. But what transcends trends are the neutral hues. Classic and chic, the charm of neutrals never fade away. Each year gives them a fresh perspective and we are loving what 2020 has to offer. With the resurgence of the new neutrals, it’s time to keep away the blacks and navys to embrace the more delicate and luxe shades that put together a more modern look. Read along to find how to style this new school of neutrals that are redefining statement styles.

Include new hues

Give your neutrals a refreshing new look this year. Move over from the usual palette and say hello to brand new shades that are bringing in a colour revolution. From the varied variants of white and beige to earthy brown, blush pink, sage green and light denim blues, mix and match to see how these new-age colours put together ultra-chic ensembles for you.

Play with shades

Minimalism has been at the core of this colour theory. While styling your neutrals, feel free to play with shades. One of the easiest styling tip is to go all monochromatic. Dress yourself head to toe in a single colour with variations in shades to add a subtle statement.

Mix different textures

Texture play is the way to go while putting neutrals together. While you keep the colours toned down and in the same shade, you can always include different types of textures when styling a look. Layer your white cotton dress with a sharp off-white blazer or pair your knit crop top with a leather skirt to keep the look interesting.

Add statement prints

When you go all neutral, prints are perfect to break the colour monotony to add some surprise. They help you wear your personal style without compromising on the charm of neutral shades. From classic animal prints to bohemian tie and dyes, add fun prints to give your look a strong personality.

Accessorize with complimenting elements

It’s true when they say accessories can make or break your look. Even the most lacklustre outfit can be taken to a whole new level with the right accessories. Elements like metal jewellery, jute bags and leather shoes compliment neutrals shades beautifully. Ensure there is no stark colour difference ad always accessorize in the same colour family. Gold goes with blush, beige and white while tan looks well on earthy hues.

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