Who’d have thunk? Pierce Brosnan selling paan masala? But it’s come down to this, what with Brosnan telling us that “class, it never goes out of style”—especially when you’ve got a tin of Pan Bahar in your pocket. pierce brosnan pan bahar So now that He Who Had the Licence to Kill is flogging an Indian staple, we’d like to see the rest of them double-oooh-sevens fall in line to sell us some more stuff.

Sean Connery

James Bond Bagpiper ad That Scottish rogue, with his Scottish brogue can definitely sell us some whiskey (or soda).  

George Lazenby

james bond relaxo For all those times you need to jump from train to train, these mazboot chappals will do the job.­  

Roger Moore

James Bond condom josh Ad The king of flings can definitely sell us the right protection.  

Timothy Dalton

Raymond He is the complete man.

Daniel Craig

James Bond Relaxo Ad After THAT scene, where he stepped out of the water in a man-kini, Craig is definitely qualified to sell us some chaddi-banyan.   Like this story? Also Read: Vintage Air India Posters That Will Make You Want to Get on A Jet Plane