Hosting your loved ones for a lunch or dinner party can be a fun way to catch up and also test your decor skills. It's not only about the spectacular meal you'll be making but to make it an experience your guests will truly enjoy,  paying attention to detail especially the table setting is of utmost importance. Depending on the occasion, there are various types of settings that you can follow. It becomes much easier when you have a handy guide that will help you avoid the last minute stress and hence, we've created one that will take you through the steps for a formal table setting, a casual brunch party as well as for a laid back lunch.

A Basic Table Setting

One of the most used techniques, the basic table setting is perfect for those laid back lunches or for your routine meals at the dining table. In this setting, the dinner plate is placed at the center and the flatware is placed around it. The fork is placed on the left whereas the spoon along with the knife (placed inwards) are on the right. A water glass is placed above the knife. Place your favourite textured napkin on the plate or below the fork.  

A Casual Table Setting

This setting is perfect for a fun brunch party. The setting starts off the same as the basic technique. However, it includes a few additional pieces like the soup and salad essentials along with two glasses. If a salad is to be served, the salad plate is placed over the dinner plate along with the salad fork besides the dinner fork. You can eliminate this step if there is no salad to be served. If you have soup to be served, the bowl is to be placed on top of the salad plate and the soup spoon is placed besides the dinner knife. Coffee cups and water glasses go above the spoon with the handle towards the right. Wine glasses can be placed towards the left of the coffee cup. Butter plates go above the forks with the butter knife placed on top of the plate.  

A Formal Table Setting

This setting is very similar to the casual setting. The key to make it different lies is choosing richer tableware, linen and placemats. Wine and water glasses are placed above the knife and soup spoon. The soup spoon is kept to the right of the knife. The dessert spoon is placed above the plate. To dress up this setting, place a charger plate under the dinner plate.   Instagram images by @mpfinteriors Cover Image:      

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