Every day is a good day to give yourself care and attention. With all that’s happening around, managing hectic work schedules and day to day activities at home isn’t an easy task. So, give yourself a break every week, and treat yourself to a self-pampering session. Our guide to a DIY spa day at home is all about making you look and feel good. From setting up a calm and beautiful vibe at home to going completely au naturel with all the ingredients you will be using, these ideas are definitely going to make you feel refreshed and revitalized. Simple, easy and oh-so good, you are now about to give yourself the best gift of relaxation.

Step 1 – Set up a spa atmosphere

Before you begin, set up a spa like atmosphere in your room. First, dim the lights or/and light a few candles. You can use scented ones or diffusers with essential oils for some aromatherapy. Keep some fresh towels ready and wrap yourself in your fluffiest bath robe. Next, put on some soothing music. Ocean waves and nature sounds or anything that would put your mind to rest.

Step 2 – Sip on freshness

Fill a pitcher with lemon water (with a pinch if sugar and salt) and add in ice cubes. To make it a truly refreshing drink, add in some mint leaves and cucumber slices. Fix yourself a glass and sip on it all through the spa session.

Sip 3 – Relax and unwind

Let the lighting, the music and the soothing aroma work its magic on you. Sit back and enter into a phase of relaxation. Loosen your muscles and feel the tension release from your body. If you have been holding on to stressful thoughts and worries, now’s the time to declutter your mind. Let the sounds of the waves take you miles away, where you are surrounded with peace and calmness. Feel safe, comfortable and deeply relaxed.

Step 4 – Rejuvenate your face

Now that you have calmed your mind, it's time to rejuvenate your body. Start off cleaning your face with your usual face wash. Then, place a lidded pot filled with hot water on the table, bend over the pot, cover yourself with a towel and move the lid so that the steam comes onto your face. The steam opens your pores and removes all impurities from within your skin. Continue the stream treatment for 5-7 minutes, then scrub your face with a mixture of honey and sugar granules or coffee and organic coconut oil to unclog your pores and deep cleanse your face. You can refer to more DIY face scrubs here. Once scrubbing is done, wash your face with cold water. This helps in closing your pores and sealing the goodness of the natural ingredients you used. Next, it’s time to put on a face mask. Two of our favourites include the honey and lemon mix and banana and yogurt blend. You can choose more from here or use a sheet mask (if available). Apply it and let it sit for 20-25 minutes while you can read a book or just relax.

Step 5 – Hydrate your hair

Your hair needs timely nourishment so it can grow thicker and stronger. So take your DIY spa day at home a notch higher with a rejuvenating hair mask, filled with the goodness of natural ingredients. Start off by giving your hair a steam treatment. Then give yourself a relaxing head massage. Next, make a hair mask by mixing Aloe Vera gel and lemon or coconut oil and egg, both which are known to hydrate your hair and make it soft and shiny. You can know more about natural home made hair masks here. Once you apply the mask, let it sit for about an hour.

Step 6 – Relax your feet

While your hair mask works its magic, you can fill a foot bath tub or a bucket with hot water. Place a green tea bag and let is seep for 5 minutes. Then squeeze in lemon, add 2-3 tbsp honey and your foot soak is ready. Dip your foot it in and let it relax. A good foot soak session releases toxin from your body and uplifts your mood. Next, scrub it with a honey and sugar mix. You can use some baby oil to give your foot a good massage. This will remove dead skin, relieve aches, release stress as you massage your pressure points and even boost blood circulation.

Step 7 - Soak yourself in a bath

A good bath eases you, relaxes your muscles and releases tension from your entire body. The final step of this DIY spa treatment at home is soaking yourself into a bubble bath, mixed with Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil to soothe your senses, skin and soul. Spend this time to unwind and deeply relax yourself. You can choose to read a book or magazine or just close your eyes and rest. If you aren't a bath person, you can step into your shower instead.