It’s only the beginning of summer and the heat has already slowed us down. The rising temperature has begun to take a toll on our energy levels and health in general, making us irritable and less efficient. The only solution is to cool off these summer blues. With your mind and body cooled down, you can get on with your daily tasks better. The CLiQ to Cool sale on TataCLiQ gives you a bunch of options to stay cool and happy indoors, when you don’t want to venture outside in the scorching heat. Here’s how you can survive summer this year. Also Read: Outfit Ideas For Your Summer Weekend Getaway

Inverter ACs, Because Air Conditioning Now Comes With Power Saving

The compressor of an inverter AC works at variable speeds. It adjusts to a slower speed when the temperature of the room is right and speeds up as the temperature rises. Since this compressor does not switch on and off, like the one of a non-inverter AC, it does not consume a large amount of power. You can use an inverter AC for long hours without worrying about an exorbitant electricity bill. Read more about how the inverter AC helps you save power here. Also Read: Inverter AC or Non-Inverter AC, Which One is Right for You?

Air Coolers, The Next Best Thing To Cool Your Room

A blazing summer like this needs an AC to cool you down but if that’s something that doesn’t fit your budget, don’t sweat it out (literally). Go for the next best thing—an air cooler. It might not chill your room like an air conditioner but it’s cool enough to keep you relaxed and refreshed. Plus, a cooler costs one-fourth the price on an AC and is easy on the electricity bill too. Also Read: All You Need To Know Before You Buy an Air Cooler

Fans, to keep the room airy and breezy

Your cheapest bet to surviving the heat is a good fan. Not everybody likes chilly temperatures of an air conditioner, sometimes good old fan breezy is enough to revive you. Fans also pair well with air conditioners and air coolers to give your room additional cooling. You can pick from ceiling fans, pedestal fans or even table fans as per your liking and budget.

Juicers, To Keep Your Body Healthy And Cool

There’s nothing like a glass of cold juice on a hot summer day to cool you down. It’s a healthier way to hydrate your body instead of picking on aerated drinks. A combination of fruit and vegetable juice is also a good source of nourishment that will pack you with energy and possibly glowing skin when it seems like the weather is all out to get you. Drinking freshly prepared juices at home also detoxes the body and keeps you feeling refreshed and satiated.

Water Purifiers, To Keep You Hydrated

Staying hydrated in summer is essential as sweating depletes a lot of water and electrolytes from the body. This is the real reason why you feel so tired on hot days. Drinking water will keep your body feeling energised and healthy. Having a water purifier at home eliminates the task of boiling water to purify it. You can have tons of safe drinking water all day.

Refrigerators, To Keep Your Drinks And Ice-Cream Chilled

You need a good refrigerator all through the year, but during the summer you’ll appreciate this gadget more than ever. After all, if there’s even a slight lag in your refrigerator, you won’t be able to cool down with a chilly glass of water or cold beer after walking in from a hot summer day. Cover Image Courtesy:

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