Fashion trends come and go with the same rapidity as climate change. Gone are the days when a single trend would last through an entire season. The idea of fast fashion has changed the game and the urgency of updating our wardrobes is stronger than ever. Our shopping patterns have changed to keep up with the ever-changing trends to avoid missing out. Thanks to Instagram, a single #OOTD post can go viral overnight, making it's way into stores and disappearing just as quick. With social media being a tremendous influence, most of us turn to our favourite bloggers and celebs to keep up with the latest styles. While fashion forecasting may no longer be an easy task, we decided to call for help to show you how to stay ahead of the curve while you shop this month. The first monsoon showers are here, which means it's time to get yourself a pair of colourful gumboots and a few neon essentials to brighten up a gloomy day. Fagun Mendes, Category Head at Tata CLiQ, gives us just the right advice to sail through the months ahead. fagun mendes

Be You

street style 1 In a world where Instagram influencers are soon becoming role models, the best advice is to truly be you without falling prey to fleeting trends. "Sometimes it feels good just being you, no role models, no fashion icons, no fashion rules! It's all about you being yourself", she says.  Don't give into fads and micro trends. Instead, stick to what goes with your personality and try to make them work around your personal style.

Wear What You Love

ss2 While a number of trends may tell you what to wear and may let you lose your sense of style, don't fall for them blindly. There's "No right or wrong!" when it comes to fashion. If it's that funky pair of heels from your mom's closet that you feel like stepping into, do it!

Neon Lovin'

gumboots Bright prints and colourful clothing could be the best way to drive away the monsoon blues and brighten an otherwise gloomy day. Fagun gives us the just the advice we need: “I love change and so obviously my wardrobe needs a little rain check. I’m gearing up my monsoon wardrobe and it's going to be all about neon this season." Neon could surely do the necessary and you need to get your hands on it ASAP! From neon galoshes, neon tees, neon accents on your tracks and a bright neon sports bra and of course, that wind cheater - it’s all about floral neon yet pastel busy prints this season. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock Like this article? Also read: How To: Go From Casual To Smart Casual In Three Quick And Easy Ways