Becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 16 and being a part of over 8 projects, Yatin Thakur is pretty much the Indian guru when it comes to start-ups. And that is exactly what led to him staring CoworkIn, a space that lets entrepreneurs come together. Here’s an insight into the mind of a bona fide start-up expert, Yatin shares his tale.

My biggest push towards starting my own venture was my drive to convert my passion into a money making module. That has, and always will, remain my biggest motivation. Starting at the age of 16, in 2003, I was pretty much on my own. Without a professional degree or a strategy to help, I think I was going on complete instinct, modifying on the way, and taking each day as it came. Today if you ask me, the easy access to information makes all the difference to mine and any, business model.

We are more willing to let go of the traditional practices these days and dive deep into modern solutions. Back in 2003, things were a bit more rigid. I think the biggest problem I faced was to work the traditional route and try to stay close to my newer ideas and methods.

Starting Start-ups

It was several projects (failed and successful ones) later, that I realised the need to have a place that brings people who have bright ideas together. CoworkIn was founded based on a very personal experience. From the age of 16, each time I wanted to start a new business I would have to start from ground zero. The basic thing was to start an office, and put together a team that could help my idea grow. My idea was to get everyone together and thus CoworkIn was born.

We do have a lot of conferences happening around us, where entrepreneurs, start-up and freelancers come together but what about daily contact? I wanted them to come, talk to each other, get validation and figure solutions where each one could support others.

CoworkIn, in essence, is a chain of space proving entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers an open space to innovate, ideate and pursue their dreams. We get people with terrific ideas to come to us, as we provide them a space where they can function, a support system of like-minded people who can listen to their ideas, help better them and eventually launch it to the public.

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The journey started in 2011 with just one space and today we have over 450 start-ups in our network. At the end of the day, I am looking to keep this space growing and establish CoworkIn as an ideal solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Photographs by Yatin Thakur