Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t have to wake up every day to the daunting question of what to wear today? It’s a known fact that even though we women have been shopping all our lives, when it's time to get dressed, we always have nothing to wear. Imagine the joy of not having to pick or choose our outfits for the day and still look our stylish best. That’s what fashion uniforms are like. They take away the trouble of choosing your attire from the various colours, patterns and designs you possess. No, we are not talking about work uniforms that are worn by people in hospitals, jails or even the hospitality industry. We are talking about smart, stylish clothing that becomes a part of your personal style.

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You may not have noticed but some celebrities have been doing this for ages. It's like they've found their fashion niche that allows them to look their best in the attire they are most comfortable sporting. Take a glimpse at some of Hillary Clinton's pictures and you'll find an uncanny resemblance between her looks where she sports pantsuits in different colours. It's a pattern you can't miss. In fact we've actually started to recognise this as her personal style statement. Steve Jobs is another such example who sported the same black turtleneck for years. Then there's the social media tycoon Mark Zuckerberg who has made grey T-shirts his style signature. Closer home too we’ve got personalities like Rekha who is always seen making a style statement with her Kanjeevaram saris. Then there’s the white goddess Simi Garewal who wear only white. And the musician A R Rahman is often seen sporting black blazers.

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Vidya Balan too has in a way found her fashion niche in traditional Indian clothing and handloom. Once criticised for her outdated style, Vidya turned around her appearance and now wears Indian fabrics, prints and patterns with elan. Yes, fashion uniforms are a real thing and we often see it seamlessly becoming a part of someone’s personality that that demands no change and commands them to follow no trends.

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Take for instance Sonia Gandhi who has been sporting crisp handloom saris for years that goes amazingly well with her persona of a political leader and part head. Rahul Gandhi and his Nehru jackets have been popular too. Creating such consistent, signature looks is also a smart strategy that is catching up sooner rather than later and we really wouldn’t mind giving them a shot. What about you? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com