Although speakers have gotten better over time and can now accommodate plenty of genres at once, you would still want one that is perfect for the genre of music you like the most. While you might be an EDM fan, your sibling might prefer a speaker that handles softer tunes better. This World Music Day, we've curated a list of some of genre-based bluetooth speakers that we think are the best for the type of music you like to listen to.

Hindustani Classical Music

As the soul of the song is driven by vocals or a lead solo instrument, I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to get the mid-range right to enjoy Hindustani Classical music. Although floorstanders would be the ideal choice, the LG Boom Blast LH64G 4.1 Bluetooth Speaker System would make a great choice for someone who adores listening to Ravi Shankar or Ali Akbar Khan but has a budget. Like this article? Also read: This Is The Only Way You Should Be Drinking Water If You Want The Right Health Benefits

Carnatic Music

To really experience Carnatic music, one needs Bass and Treble controls to ensure that the deep sounds of the Mridangam as well as the voice & strings are heard at the right level. The iBall Musi Duet might just be the right one to listen to such kind of music. The iBall Musi Duet, as the name suggests, comes with two speakers that create a stereo effect, completely involving you in rhythm of this form of Indian classical music.

Bollywood Film Music

Bollywood film music ranges from peppy numbers like Kala Chashma to songs like Rabta that are an ode to never-ending love. Speakers that produce flat sound would be the best to accommodate the varying range of songs that Bollywood has to offer. The JBL Clip 2 - one of the more versatile speakers out there - will perfectly suit this genre. And since it’s waterproof, you can take it to a pool party too! Like this article? Also read: Monsoon Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs To Own

Retro Music

As many have said, songs nowadays don’t have souls like those of the 20th century. There’s something about retro music that just absorbs your attention. And if you too are a fan of Kishore da’s vocals or Lata Mangeshkar’s goddess-like voice then the Saregama Carvaan is the perfect choice for you. The Carvaan is a very mid-centric speaker which is perfect for you to enjoy retro tracks. To make things easier, it comes pre-loaded with 5,000 retro tracks too! The retro looks and the LCD display just make it that much more attractive for someone who’s looking to connect with the legends.

Pop Music

With engaging rhythms, catchy lyrics and their mainstream appeal, Pop songs have made their way to everyone’s playlists. Although Pop Music has emphasis on music, lyrics are slightly more emphasized on. Apart from offering flat sound, speakers suitable for Pop Music also need to be really loud. The AVG F1 PLUS Bluetooth Speaker has some great audio output and also supports a wide variety of sound formats. Rest assured about songs ‘pop’ping right through the speakers!


Although EDM isn’t at its peak in terms of popularity, hard-core fans of EDM still exist in plenty around the world. And if you happen to be one of them who is looking for a speaker albeit on a budget, the Circle Muze is where your search should end. The Circle Muze has some really great bass and treble for its price. Couple that with its loud and clear sound and 5 multi-coloured LED themes that move according to the rhythm of the song, and it proves to be the best speaker you can get to listen EDM on at this price. Like this article? Also read: 7 TVs to Watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup On Image Courtesy: