A phone is not just a phone if you use it the right way. You can now upgrade to the newest smartphone without worrying about your completely functional phone that will get left behind in the bargain. There’s so much you can do with a spare smartphone that you’ll want to buy a new one just so that you can have an alternate one to use for the following purposes.
Disturbance-free video streaming
video streaming apps With easy access to streaming TV shows and movies through smartphone apps, you no longer have to log in to your laptop or TV. Just turn on your smartphone and stream away. And if you use your spare smartphone to do so instead of your active one, you no longer will be disturbed by those million text notifications and emails while you’re busy watching a movie.
Control your smart home
smart home Smart home technology gives you total control over your home. Gadgets such as a smart lock, smart light, smart TV, air conditioners etc. can now be controlled at the touch of your smartphone. You can use a spare smartphone as a stand-alone device to power up your smart home completely if you don’t want to burden your current phone with all the new apps and controls.
Use it as a remote control
smart tvs No need to sacrifice TV if the remote has been lost for a week now. With apps like Universal TV Remote and Android TV Remote you can use your spare smartphone as a remote control to access any TV.
Turn it into a gaming device
ipad game Gaming on a smartphone is great until you’re interrupted by a call or a draining battery. These glitches can be totally avoided if you have an alternate smartphone that you dedicate for your personal game time.
Or a dedicated e-reader
e-readers Like reading before bed? But don’t like being disturbed by late night emails! Keep away your active phone and get an e-reader installed in your spare to read through the night without any disturbances.
Or a Jukebox
bluetooth 5 Your playlist is everyone’s to-go anthem for a party but having your smartphone constantly connected to the speakers means your battery is going to drain faster than ever and you won’t have access to all those accumulating chats for the rest of the night. The solution: a spare smartphone. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com