Move over juicing, there’s a healthier liquid food trend in town. Pinterest has revealed the biggest wellness trends for 2018, and souping has been included as one of the top trends in the food category for this year. This warm, flavourful and soul-nourishing potion is the new superfood and it’s here to stay. Also Read: Air Purifying: The Biggest Wellness Trend for 2018 Decoded If you’re still holding on to your freshly-squeezed kale and blueberry drink, you might want to put it down because there’s a good reason why souping ended up to be one of the most pinned images. To begin, soups taste awesome and have a bunch of benefits too.

It retains fibre

Fibre is an essential nutrient in our diets. It keeps us full for longer and also aids digestion. Souping retains this fibre from veggies, unlike juicing that usually strips it off. In addition to souping fibrous vegetables, you can also add fibre-packed ingredients such as lentils, beans and corn  to make the soup healthier.

It’s a tastier way to eat more veggies

A well-balanced diet is filled with a good amount of vegetables. However, it’s tough to pack in a whole lot of veggies in your daily menu, unless you’re a big salad eater. Souping lets you add a mix of vegetables together to give you a flavourful concoction. It’s more convenient to drink up this pureed vegetable soup than to chomp on a bowlful of veggies.

It accommodates spices

Soups allow for the use of a bunch of healthy spices including pepper, cardamom, cumin, basil, oregano, and ginger. These spices not only flavour your soup but also add additional nutritive value. You can consume a lot of nutrients in the form of soup, more than you could’ve with a juice. So, give your diet a delicious reset with some healthy soups. Here are a few soup recipes from some top chefs to get you started. Also Read: Starter Pack: These 5 Gadgets Will Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Kashmiri Turnip Soup

Kashmiri turnip soup by the bombay canteen

Kashmiri Turnip Soup by Chef Thomas Zacharias of The Bombay Canteen

Chef/partner Thomas Zacharias at The Bombay Canteen shares this turnip soup recipe inspired by his love for Kashmiri winter turnips and the subtle use of spices like hing, fennel powder and dry ginger. Ingredients 1 ¼ cup butter ½ cup garlic, thinly sliced 6 cups sliced turnips (peeled and thinly sliced) Water as needed Salt to taste Sugar to taste ½ cup mustard oil 1tsp hing (asafetida) 2tbsps fennel powder 2tbsps dry ginger powder Mustard oil for garnish Fresh fennel for garnish   Method In a pot, melt the butter and add the sliced garlic and sliced turnips. Cook on medium heat, stirring regularly until the garlic starts to slightly brown, then season lightly. Add enough water to cover and cook on medium heat for about half hour till the turnips completely break down, then add water as necessary. By the time the turnip is cooked, there should not be too much water left over in the pan. Meanwhile, heat the mustard oil in a sauté pan till medium hot (not too hot or the spices will burn). Mix together the hing, fennel powder and dry ginger and add it to the mustard oil. As soon as the spices are added, mix quickly and pour into the turnips. Mix and adjust seasoning with salt and sugar. Blend the entire mixture while it is still warm into a smooth puree and pass it through a double strainer. Cool down the mixture. When ready to serve, heat the soup, adjust consistency with water and serve garnished with mustard oil and fresh fennel.  

Qutab – e- Qualli

Quta-e-Qualli by Chef Shamsher Ahmed of Sofitel, Mumbai

Chef Shamsher Ahmed of Sofitel, Mumbai shares this soup recipe with heart-warming ingredients like chicken stock and a mix of spices that will leave you feeling warm and cosy this winter. Ingredients 1.5kg chicken bone for stock 5gms ginger crushed 5gms royal cumin 5gms black pepper 10gms almond paste 5gms broken wheat 2 pieces or 15gms chicken or chicken cube 1 bunch green coriander root 10gms almond Saffron for garnish   Method Boil the chicken bones and make a stock with polti masala (mixture of crushed ginger, black pepper, green coriander root and royal cumin). Strain the liquid into another vessel. Add almond paste to the liquid and cook until it’s the right consistency. Add soaked wheat and chicken pieces/cubes into the stock. Garnish with slices of almond and saffron. Serve hot.  

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup by Chef Viraf Patel of Cafe Zoe

Chef Viraf Patel from Cafe Zoe, Mumbai shares this roasted sweet potato soup recipe that’s perfect for this chilly season too. Ingredients To prep the sweet potatoes 4 large sweet potatoes 2tbsps oil Salt & crushed black pepper For the soup 2tbsps chopped onions 1tsp chopped garlic 1tsp chopped chives 1tbsp butter 4tsps cream 1/2ltr vegetable stock   Method To prep the sweet potatoes Wash, peel and cut the sweet potatoes into large chunks, season with the olive oil, salt and pepper and roast in the oven at 180 degrees for 1 hour. The sweet potatoes should be soft and mushy when removed. Mash and set aside. For the soup In a saucepan, add the butter and sauté the onion and garlic. Add in the mashed sweet potatoes. Add in the stock and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. With a stick blender blend into a fine mixture. Pass through a fine sieve. Bring back to a boil, add in the cream and chives, season and serve. Also Read: Starter Pack: The Only Work Outfit Essentials You Really Need

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