Soups make for quick meals through the day. Pack them up with some hearty veggies and meat to make a wholesome treat. Nutrition and warmth all blended together in a steaming hot bowl of soap. Now that’s what makes for a blissful winter. Here are 5 soup recipes to cook up in a soup maker. Sip on these when the days get colder.
French onion soup
french onion soup A cool winter in Paris is what this delicious French onion soup resonates. Made of onions, carrots, celery and a handful of spices and herb this soup makes for a perfect appetizer for the family. Check it out. Also Read: Warm Up to A Hot Coffee Drink This Winter
Vegetable and lentil soup
lentil soup Mix together veggies, lentil and some cinnamon spice to make this thick concoction to bust away those mid evening hunger pangs. Check it out.
Chicken noodle soup
chicken noodle soup This soup has to be a classic winter favourite. Just gather together some chicken, pasta and any leftover veggies and throw them together in the soup maker. And voila, you can make this quick soup within minutes Check it out.
Chicken and mushroom soup
mushroom soup Protein-rich chicken and earthy-flavoured mushrooms make for the perfect blend of soup. It’s healthy and hearty and will defiantly warm you up in winter. Check it out. Also Read: Hostel Diaries: 5 Super Simple Recipes You Can Make Using Only a Kettle
Roasted sweet red pepper and tomato soup
pepper tomato soup Roasted veggies can give your soup a touch of umami. Blend them all to cook up this slightly fired up warm soup on those cold winter nights. Check it out. Images Courtesy: Shutterstock.ocm

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