Holy smokes the Sony A99 II sports a 42.4MP sensor, that see through your soul. Well we might have exaggerated a wee bit on that last bit but holy smokes. Well now that we have that out of our way, let’s settle down. The Sony A99 II is constructed from magnesium alloy and offers protection from water splashes and dust. Here be a shattering camera on paper with specs that can force other flagship cameras to break sweat. It features a full-frame sensor and packs gorgeous in-body 5-axis image stabilisation. What this exactly means is that if you have butter or shaky fingers you don't need to worry anymore. Expect pictures to come super stable regardless of what compatible lens you use. Psst, even the third party ones will work perfectly. The camera also is bestowed with 4D predictive focus, jibber jabber for mere mortals like me and some of you. sony a99 ii In simple English, what it means is that the camera’s Hybrid Phase Detection AF combines a dedicated 79-point phase detection AF module with the large 399-point-on-sensor PDAF system for legendary focus tracking. Yes, that shot you've always wanted to take of the cheetah kill will now become a reality. And the party trick here is that because Sony’s A-mount system makes use of a translucent mirror instead of a moving one, AF will work non-stop regardless of what you shoot, hint, videos. Which we will get to soon but there is more awesomeness to be spoken about on the still photography part. This is the very first full-frame camera upwards of 24MP to sport 12FPS continuous shooting. But that's of no use if you have a slow processor on the inside, well it’s the opposite here. The processor Sony has plonked in lets you snap 50 continuous frames of full res RAW + Jpeg, nice? Very nice? Also Read: 5 Budget DSLRs to Help You Capture those Special Moments this Festive Season

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When it comes to videos, this one is megastar with support for 4K recording at bitrates of up to 100Mbps. There is an aspiring Hollywood director friendly mode too which lets you record at custom frame rates from 1fps to 120fps, for speedy or lazed out playback. More trickery comes in the form of ISO spec that goes to 25,600 and extends all the way up to 102,400. Combine that to that massive sensor and rest assured you can brighten up the darkest nights for sure. We sure are praying that we get our hands on this camera soon enough. After which we will disappear only to return, never. Image via vox-cdn.com