Your moral science teacher was right - this is the end of days. She was the oracle of our times, from who came forth a stream of knowledge that we weren’t prepared for.

angry teacher swades“You did NOT just hand me that paper with your left hand.”

After all, she did warn us that we're in the Kal Yug and that the bull of dharma is down to its last leg, for which we have only our self-destructive tendencies to blame.

bull of dharma "It's not me you have to worry about - Humanity doesn't even have a leg to stand on"

Still don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at the signs of the Kal Yug in the context of the music we listen to. The Dark Age of human existence is upon us and it comes with a whole host of problems:  

Humans Will Openly Display Animosity Towards Each Other:

Hidden in the pan flutes and upbeat tune are lyrics about a world in which violence is the norm. Would you want your kids to grow up in a world where everyone is kicking the life out of each other all the time? No thanks, I'd rather stick to slapping couples only on Valentine's Day!


Lust Will Be Viewed As Socially Acceptable:

Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage? Just look at this village singing about what this newly married couple will do to each other on their wedding night. There's much to be said about these scandalous old women with incredible hip mobility!


People Will Become Addicted To Intoxicating Drinks And Drugs:

So the thug life chose you, did it?


People Will Have Thoughts Of Murder And Take It Lightly:

When the fathers of modern music themselves indulged in a “fun” ditty about a serial killer, can you blame us for what we’ve become? This is what happens when you put musicians on a pedestal, instead of our sanskaari leaders.  

Gurus Will No Longer Be Respected:

What have they done to deserve this?


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